Goldman Sachs: US economy to grow 5.6% in 2021

Yes, of course, during the 56-coded staged and fake pandemic, the economy will only grow by 5.6% in 2021, and not 5.7% as previously estimated.

As we know, 56 is very fitting:
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Climate Change = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (the Jesuit Order, writing the script)

And on it goes: More on Gematria – the importance of ‘56’ in 2020

And of top of this ‘56’ ritual, they say that the economy will only grow by 4.0% next year. 4.0 as in 40. What could that mean?

United States = 40 (yes, the forecast is for the U.S.)
Fake Virus = 40 (yes, the fake pandemic will be dragged on to 2025, at least)
Silent War = 40 (what the pandemic with the maiming and deadly shots are)
Theatre = 40 (what it all is)
Theatrics = 40 (what it all is)
Terror = 40 (they laid the groundwork with the staged and fake overthrow in Afghanistan, will they up their game with Terror in 2022?)

Anyway, another blatant ‘56’-ritual. What the economy really looks like is something you will never know. This is all for show – their numerology, gematria and satanic rituals.

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