Back on Facebook – For Now

I’m back on Facebook after my third 30-days ban in less than 5 months. Exposing lies and telling the truth is not popular among the globalists, the lurking shills, and the controlled opposition.
On a positive note, being banned gives me even more time and energy to put into writing free articles for my website and posting more content, engaging in discussions and answering questions at our own uncensored online community at

Make sure to bookmark and check daily. As of this announcement, I have published 100 articles so far this year, and 54 of them in February alone. And the website gets around 2500 to 3000 unique visitors a day – in other words, people are waking up.

As for Ungovernable, we are steadily growing and it is the only place on the Internet where I will participate in discussions and answer specific questions, especially about nutrition, training, fasting, healing and anything health-related – including the terrain and German New Medicine.
Joining Ungovernable is also the best way to sponsor my work. It’s dirt cheap and you will become a part of the best community on the web. If you like to help me out even more, you can donate through ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ at

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in the feed – hopefully for more than a few days.

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