The Importance of Sun Exposure and the Extreme Dangers of Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Due to the terrible dark, rainy, and cold summer here in northern Europe (actually worse than last year, and the year before,) and by request from clients and followers, it’s about time to once again tackle the disinformation about sun exposure. I’ve covered the importance of sun exposure in several other articles, especially those concerning the supplement scam of vitamin D; which simply is an indicator/marker in our blood of sun exposure and has absolutely nothing to do with the benefits of it. You cannot ‘supplement’ the effects of sun exposure.

With that being said, there are some easily remedied concerns about extended sun exposure, which is the reason our ancestors invented sun umbrellas, used olive oil and/or zinc on their skin, paste made from rice or water weed, or simply covered themselves in mud. Since some people got their exposed skin ‘burnt’ after prolonged exposure, the invention of sunscreens, or sun block, in 1932 made it into a profitable commercial lie that exploded in the late 70’s with ‘water-resistant’ sunscreens fueled by lies about skin ageing and skin cancer. Of course, all commercially available sunscreens are a chemical ‘shitstorm’ of toxicity, and should never be used by anyone.

When I was younger, I always got sunburnt and shed layers of skin for days on end. However, after early 2018, when I completely switched to our natural homo sapiens species appropriate, species-specific diet and recovered from cancer and severe organ damage, I have not got sunburnt one single time, not even slightly red after a whole day hiking shirtless with my dogs during the first sunny and warm days of the year. Also, I no longer get that dark, almost dirty-looking tan. No matter the amount of sun exposure, I only get a light and very even natural looking tan. I even get a slight tan on parts of the body that are covered with clothing, as my whole body adapts to the exposure (and this is especially due to getting enough sunlight into the eyes, as we will get to later.)
Actually, this is one of many benefits people talk about after switching to an animal-based diet – they no longer feel or get any discomfort or redness from spending hours in strong sunlight. And this is logical, because being ‘sensitive’ to the sun is not something “genetic” (there is no such thing,) it’s simply an effect of nutrition deficiencies. If your diet is lacking in meat and animal fats, you will not have enough nutrients for the skin and your endocrine (hormonal) system to work properly. Your skin will not be able to adapt to sun exposure and heal. The effect of this is local inflammation due to healing and rapid ageing of the skin, as in wrinkles and discoloring. The more malnourished you are, the more sensitive you will be.

As for skin cancer, that is not caused by sun exposure. That is a clever lie by the fraudulent medical community and big pharma. If it were, you would not get small random spots of it, and especially not on skin that has not been as much exposed to the sun as other places on your body. If skin cancer came from sun exposure, you would get it all over your body covering all exposed areas, especially on your head and hands. If you’re interested to know more, check out German New Medicine.

So, if you actually follow a sensible way of eating with a lot of animal-based foods, you will never have to fear long exposure to the sun, and since you’ll be fully nourished, you will also be able to better reap all the benefits of sun exposure, as your body will be fully functional.

Now, those who do not know our history might be bleating, “but why did our ancestors protect themselves from the sun?” Well, the sun umbrella appeared for the first time in Egypt about 3500 years ago, and it became more prevalent in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire about 2600 years ago, yes, about the time when the diet for the common folk, the pleb, changed to a more plant-based variant with wheat and other crops. In other words, as people slowly became malnourished, the need for protection against the elements became a greater concern.

As for the benefits of sun exposure, there are more than thirty recorded benefits in the literature, and the most important ones concerns our circadian rhythm by regulating the levels of serotonin and melatonin, and hormone production, such as testosterone. All these effects come together and will help with improving sleep, your mood and well-being (effective against depression,) aid in relaxation and relieve pain, help in wound healing, increase alertness and energy levels, and ultimately extend life expectancy.

If you are fully nourished, especially from vitamin A (retinol,) only found in animal-based foods, sun exposure will actually heal your skin and reduce wrinkles and other blemishes. This is why those who adopt the ‘carnivore diet,’ or a ketogenic diet high in meat and animal fats, seem to first get younger and then age much more slowly.

And with that being said, as I mentioned earlier, getting sun exposure onto your eyes is even more important. Failing to do so can really screw you up.
The eyes contain photosensitive cells in its retina that communicate with the pituitary gland in the brain. Stimulation of these cells comes from sunlight and is required to communicate with the other photoreceptors and photosensitive cells that are present in the whole body. If you have been deceived into wearing sunglasses that block parts of the wavelengths of sunlight, that communication does not occur, and your skin will not be able to handle sun exposure as well as it should, since it does not know that you actually are in the sun. No protective oils or hormones will be produced, you will be in the sun getting exposure, but your body will think it’s in the middle of the night.
Now, this does not mean that you should look directly at the sun (sungazing is another topic and should only be practiced early in the morning as the sun rises.) Simply get some sun on your face and even when standing in a shadow, the sun beams will reach your eyes, although with less intensity. It’s the use of sunglasses that block certain wavelengths that is the problem.

So, tanning or being in the sun while shielding your eyes with sunglasses or covering them will not bring many benefits of sun exposure, just the opposite. If you lie on your back tanning, simply close your eyes as that will still bring some stimulation, but do not wear sunglasses! Sun stimulation and its benefits is directly tied to the proper functioning of the endocrine system, and that is tied to the communication that can only occur when sunlight enters the eyes and the skin of the body at the same time. Also, sun exposure to the eyes is important for eye health as well.

So, as you can see, keeping people from the sun (while simultaneously promoting a hazardous diet mostly based on plants) is a profitable scam covered in lies to keep the masses weak, easily manipulated, fatigued, depressed, and dependent on medical care as they will eventually get sick.

To be optimally healthy, you need about 15 minutes of full-body (as in naked) sun exposure a day when the sun is at its peak. If clothed, you need an hour or more to your face and hands and/or lower legs/feet. And that is every day, year-round. In today’s society, with all the aerosol sun-covering injections, the manufactured bad cloudy weather, and for those living in the northern parts of the world with cold winters, following our species-appropriate way-of-eating become even more important, and we need to do our best to get sun exposure whenever we can. If the sun is out, do not dwell indoors, take a break and go outside and make sure to get sunlight on your face.

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