Current Status, a Quick Update

I’m still without ventilation in my home and office, as a replacement of the old ventilation system began in May, then stalled due to the general summer vacations all through July and early August. That’s just some really bad planning and also kind of typical for our current society.
Since I’m still recovering from mental fatigue and oversensitivity from the tumors in 2017/2018, the lack of proper oxygenation has taken its toll as my sleep has been abysmal. Simultaneously, we’ve had the worst summer in many years, with only two weeks of decent weather in mid-June. Since late June, it’s been cold and it’s been raining every single day, so even my walks and outdoor activities has been compromised and shortened. As a result, during late June and all of July, I took a break from working and only did my routine with writing some quick free stuff in the mornings (for this website,) which is part of my rehabilitation routine. As of August, I’ve slowly began working with clients again. So, for the last couple of days my priority has been on my clients, although my energy is still very low, I do my best to publish something free every day. Hopefully, the work on the ventilation will be finished this coming, or the next week.

As for my training, I’ve been averaging two to four 35-minute strength training sessions a week, pretty much what I’ve done since 2020. So, not that much of a difference, but I can feel the lack of sleep as my focus and mind-muscle connection is not as good. Still, my weight is stable at around 77 kg (170lbs.)

The featured image was taken on August 11th, at my 49th year, 4th month, and 4th day. The images below are two years apart, weight about identical. I’m still lifting weights because I love it and only to maintain a solid foundation and overall strength. Training more than I do, or getting bigger, would only compromise health and life expectancy. Following our species-appropriate species-specific way-of-eating since early 2018.

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