A Quick Note on the Maui DEW/Thermite-Fires

Updated August 15:
The alleged “wildfires” on the island of Maui were done by the numbers and most likely by direct energy weapons (DEW) or/and by thermite, which was most likely used on the Twin Towers during 9/11 (thermite is a 1:3 mixture of metallic aluminum and iron oxide that burns at 2,200°C.) As we’ve seen in the past, buildings, cars, and even boats out at sea were on fire, while adjacent plots of grass and trees were untouched. That is simply impossible if it actually were a wildfire and it was “fueled” by winds from Hurricane Dora (as in Dora the Explorer, ah, the mockery.) A “wildfire” does not pulverize buildings and melt cars while leaving trees pretty much untouched standing in-between them.

So, was it DEW from airplanes or Thermite used on the ground or shot as projectiles, or both? Who knows? We just have to see what they let through on social media and on YouTube, as that will most likely be the conspiracy theory used to mislead people.

Also, in Polynesian mythology, Maui was a demigod, a trickster, who brought fire to the humans of the world by stealing it from the underworld.

Check this video for some footage:

Many decoders have made an excellent job with exposing this destruction and landgrab by the ‘elite.’ For more, please check these out:

Derek Tikkuri explains part of the mocking ritual and how all of these fires are connected to Dora the Explorer, the most famous Dora in pop culture.

Devastating Wildfires in Maui Kill Dozens

Zach breaks down the report that every single home in Lahaina was gone on August 11, the anniversary date of HAARP.

Every single home in Lahaina, Hawaii is gone, August 11, 2023 news (HAARP anniversary)

Including some of the first reports of fake death counts:

At least 36 people dead in Maui wildfires of August 9, 2023

More on Energy Weapons and Mountain Dew:

The Maui fire of August 8, 2023, in light of directed energy weapons and Pepsi-Cola, the owner of Mountain Dew: Maui Burst

And, of course, we have the connection to Mountain Dew Maui Burst.

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