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The Simple Truth About Obesity

The governmental Big Pharma and Medical pseudo-science shill-site Healthline recently posted an article raising the question if obesity is “genetic” or “environmental.” While those living in the illusion of right vs. left, as in conservatives vs. liberals, always chose one of the opposites, as they have been programmed to do, the truth is usually quite simple and very logical. Trainers, coaches, fitness influencers, and those leaning to the “right” often tell those wanting to […]

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Do This Instead – Meat and Eggs

As Saturnalia, or “Christmas,” approaches with people finding excuses to shovel toxic life-shortening fat-building crap down their pieholes, Chris Shugart of T-Nation is back with a “One Protein Shake a Day for Muscle” bulking-up article for boys and gals who want to be swole without looking like fat pigs. Always with the f**king artificial man-made crappy protein powders and shakes. Jeez. Shugart begins his article with advocating for a “smarter” bulk approach with gaining

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Alleged “Experts” Still 100% Wrong About Food And Gaining Muscle

Warning! This article might contain some harsh and foul language. Unfortunately, it is very needed. Yes, we return to the sh*tpile that is ‘’ and, unfortunately, the same poor author Jake Stewart, who last time, made a monumental fool of himself trying to teach us about weigh loss. This time he tries to tackle the “best foods” of gaining muscle mass, as if there actually were such foods outside the scoop of our natural

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