I will continue to write the truth as I see it

I will continue to write the truth as I see it – from my thousands of hours of research, from my conversations with hundreds of contacts all over the world dating back to 1995, and from my experience in the fields I’ve invested more than 30 years into.

I studied ‘western modern medicine’ for 17 years, trying to improve my asthma, allergies and predisposition to get sick several times a year. It did nothing. Just left me with more questions. Then I got really sick, developed tumors and was close to total organ failure. An animal-based diet, fasting, and the terrain theory saved my life. Throwing away 25+ years of studies and ‘knowledge’ was not easy, but the terrain theory finally answered all my questions. I reversed the tumors, healed my organs, healed my asthma and allergies and I haven’t been sick since then, which is 3 years now.

So, if you’re going to try and debate me in these areas, you better have 25+ years of experience and you better have studied both western medicine (the germ theory) and the terrain theory. With that being said, if anyone studies the terrain theory, there is no debating left. It debunks the germ theory in every possible way.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! 🥰

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