Do This Instead – Meat and Eggs

As Saturnalia, or “Christmas,” approaches with people finding excuses to shovel toxic life-shortening fat-building crap down their pieholes, Chris Shugart of T-Nation is back with a “One Protein Shake a Day for Muscle” bulking-up article for boys and gals who want to be swole without looking like fat pigs. Always with the f**king artificial man-made crappy protein powders and shakes. Jeez. Shugart begins his article with advocating for a “smarter” bulk approach with gaining …

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No, It’s not About Protein, It’s About Nutrients

And here I thought we had put this protein debate to rest. However, the “Chief Content Officer” Chris Shugart, over at T-Nation, managed to find yet another “study” where he, just like the dimwits performing the study, draw some seriously flawed conclusions. Chris begins the article in the typical ‘T-Nation’ fashion with some mocking disguised as humor about telling people who are a little bit ‘too pudgy’ to simply stop ‘eating so damn much.’ …

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Toxic Sugar-Water “Milk” Replacements for Slaves

Muscle & Fitness, once a front-runner in the Bodybuilding- and Fitness industry, but since the 90’s a mainstream publication pushing the elite’s slave agendas, recently published an article about the vile and extremely toxic plant-based “milks.” As you might know, one of the first symptoms of nutrition deficiencies is mental illness, and that is why vegans are obsessed with imitating real animal foods, which they desperately crave, as in pretending to do meat dishes …

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The Real Truth About Protein-Based Diet Strategies

I’m sorry if I’m almost on repeat here. Again, I received some messages about an obvious ‘advertisement-article’ that is, well, just plain wrong on almost all accounts, so it needed to be addressed. And it’s a good opportunity to cover and untangle the subject of protein and dieting as well. If you already know my background, feel free to jump to the main part of the article. I worked in the Gym-, Fitness-, Health-, …

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Know your poison: Oxalates

In our last post, we looked at the dangerous lectins. Another very sinister defense mechanism in plants are oxalates (oxalic acid). The definition of oxalic acid is “a poisonous strong acid (COOH) that occurs in various plants as oxalates and is used especially as a bleaching or cleaning agent and as a chemical intermediate”.Oxalic acid is actually lethal in high doses. There have been a few recorded deaths of oxalate poisoning after overconsuming oxalate-rich …

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