Weather Warfare: “Heat Dome” Over California and the West

In Sweden we had two weeks of warm summer-like weather in mid-May, with temperatures between 21C and 25C (70F to 77F) followed by two weeks of meh-like weather, and now as of June 5 when the summer should begin, we are back to April-like weather. This morning, when I took my dog walk at 4.00 a.m., I had to take out my winter clothes again as it was only 8C (46C) outdoors. The forecast for the coming week ranges between 15C and 18C at most (59 to 64F.) That is how weather warfare, as in sun-blocking aerosol injections look like in northern Europe. In California though, it’s a completely different story.

According to the Jesuit-controlled climate-change propaganda outlet CNN on June 5, 2024, California is about to experience a brutal “heat dome,” as in soaring temperatures being caused by a large area of high pressure that allegedly parks over an area, traps air and heats it with abundant sunshine for days or weeks.
Or in simple terms, weather modification by the military and your government.

Now, June 5 was a day with a lot of fabricated stories, psy-ops, and staged events as the date can simply be written as 5/6, or the very Jesuit and Freemasonic world-stage number of 56. We’ve seen 56 in all their major psy-ops, such as the staged and fake Coronavirus PLAN-demic and the extremely silly Climate Change hoax. Of course, CNN has to mention this, as it’s a story by the numbers, by saying, “another symptom of a ‘world warming‘ due to fossil fuel pollution.”
What a pile of horseshit!

Climate Change = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Note how CNN used the phrase “world warming” on June 5, the 157th day of the year.

World Warming = 157

June 5 came with a short-date numerology of 35 – a perfect day for a story about weather. And June 5 is also a span of 3 months and 5 days, like 35, until the birthday of California which is celebrated on September 9. They call it a “heat dome” and they say the intense heat will begin on Thursday.

6/5/24 = 6 + 5 + 24 = 35

Heat Dome = 35
Thursday = 35
Weather = 35

Nicely scripted, eh?

Remember, the first admitted act of weather manipulation was in 1952, August 15, on the Jesuit Order’s birthday. Every since then, the Jesuit Order has been pushing the fake climate agenda, and as you know, the Jesuit Order is the military order of the Catholic Church, the instrument of the governing elite families.

Again, we can clearly see this connection in their coding and choice of wording.

Heat Dome = 71, 145, 35, 35, 68, 132, 32, 76, 124, 351, 425, 870, 426, 68, 32
Catholic = 71, 145, 35, 35, 68, 132, 32, 76, 124, 351, 425, 870, 426, 68, 32

That has to be one of the most perfect matches across all the popular ciphers so far. Extremely rare.

Of course, Earth is a closed system and calling it a dome is simply mockery of all the gullible sheep who think that the Earth is a spinning ball rushing trough an ever “expanding” space.

The Jesuit Order was founded on August 15, 1534, and the first admitted act of weather manipulation, aka., “Project Cumulus,” was on August 15, 1952.

June 5 was exactly 71 days before the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

Heat Dome = 71
Catholic = 71
Dome = 71

71 is a known number in weather manipulation.

Weather Warfare = 71
Extreme Weather = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Severe Weather = 71
Weather System = 71

Of course, as neatly scripted as it is, the 71 days until the Jesuit Order’s birthday is the same as 10 weeks and 1 day, like 101.

Climate Change = 101

At this point, you have to be mentally challenged to believe that this “heat dome” being reported on June 5 was nothing more than a natural phenomenon due to non-existing “climate change” and a coincidence. It’s all extremely well-planned and scripted.

CNN also made sure to update their article at 12:25, as in (1+2) (2+5,) like 37.

(1+2) = 3
(2+5) = 7

Keep in mind that June 5 was the 157th day of the year, and 157 is the 37th prime number.

Heat Dome = 37
Weather = 37
Dome = 37

Also, June 5 came with a 55-date numerology and CNN refer to it as a “brutal heat dome.”

6/5/2024 = 6 + 5 + 20 + 24 = 55

Brutal Heat Dome = 55

And that’s it for this morning. To all my friends in California, stay safe and go and lynch a puppet politician, freemason, and Jesuit today!

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