Memory Decline and Dementia is Not Natural

For today’s article review we return to the gatekeeper and controlled opposition Dr. Joseph Mercola, and as such, he will reveal some truths by hiding others, and blatantly lying about the major ones, such as the extreme dangers of long-time exposure to plant foods and toxic carbohydrates. In this article, from March 23, 2024, Dr. Mercola analyzes “6 Healthy Lifestyle Habits That May Help Slow Memory Decline,” and in turn, I will analyze his […]

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The Ugly Truth About Resveratrol and Other Phytonutrients

TC Luoma, the co-founder of the fitness- and bodybuilding online-magazine T-Nation, recently posted yet another article shilling for dangerous and useless supplements. This time he hyped one of their Biotest supplements that is based on Resveratrol, a polyphenol.While TC has posted some funny and almost “useful” information throughout the years, it’s hard to tell if he’s simply ignorant and trapped in the pseudo-science of the inverted fake “nutrition science” and that of the bro-science

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What Food Cravings Actually Mean

Today we’re heading back to the most visited health website on the ‘Interplebs,’ healthline.com, as I discovered that they have an article on ‘food cravings’ and they made a complete mess of it.Simply going through the headlines of their nutrition articles has my disinformation and bullshit alarm going haywire. This website is criminally incorrect on most things related to “nutrition,” a pseudo-science that in reality should be really simple, which we will get to.

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”Superfoods” are Actually Highly Toxic Sh*t Foods

While checking a couple of websites this early morning, I just happened to see that an online publication and supplement company recently released an ‘updated’ formula of their “superfood.” Yes, these toxic ‘greens’ powders are still a thing. Gullible people within the Fitness industry make smoothies or put it in their protein shakes believing that they are healthy. Vegans drink them by the gallons in hope to nourish their malnourished, decaying, and dying bodies.

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Know Your Poison: Goitrogens

Goitrogens are a number of chemical agents that come in various forms. You’ll find them in antibiotics, plastics, pesticides, NSAIDs, environment pollution, and in some plant-foods. Actually, all goitrogens are derived from naturally occurring plant pesticides called glucosinolates. Plants have three main types of goitrogens; goitrins, thiocyanates, and flavonoids. Goitrin is the result of the enzymatic breakdown of the glucosinolate called progoitrin. It targets thyroid peroxidase (TPO), which is an enzyme found in the

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