The Broken Gary Brecka Diet

Today we return to the medical shill-website Healthline and their latest attempt at being “neutral” as they reviewed the Gary Brecka Diet, so let’s review their review, as it presents a great opportunity to bust Brecka’s tiny balls. So, who is Gary Brecka? Well, he’s just another “biohacking” charlatan trying to sell you supplements and tailored “nutritional recommendations” based on his “genetic testing kits,” which are complete pseudo-science and nonsense. Healthline describe him as […]

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All Sugars/Carbohydrates Turn into Toxic Glucose

On March 19, 2024, the controlled opposition and gatekeeper website, featuring the ‘alternative medicine’ proponent and quack Dr. Mercola, published an article called “Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods — Which Should Concern You?” While it may seem like a good message on the surface, as in avoiding “sugars,” Mercola totally misrepresents the science, as usual, and actually reinforces the bastardized, dangerous, and maiming nutritional propaganda of the evil and corrupted food industry, medical

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Dry Fasting – The Best way to Fast? Part 1 of 2

We’ve been told by the lying establishment and the Rockefeller pseudoscience of ‘modern medicine’ that fasting is starvation and therefore bad. Of course, anyone who have looked into it know that fasting is the best and quickest way to detoxify and heal pretty much anything, and most importantly, a way to extend your lifespan. However, among those who know this, we still have people telling us that ‘dry fasting’ is bad and dangerous. This

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