Do you get hungry; do you get cravings?

Unless you have a severe metabolic disorder, hunger or cravings are not due to lack of ‘calories’ (energy) or a low meal frequency (and thus low blood sugar, lol). Hunger, thoughts about food, and cravings are simply a sign that you have a nutrient deficiency. To put it bluntly, your diet and/or food choices suck.

If you consume nutrition-dense foods with a high bioavailability, such as meat, egg yolks, fish roe and organ meats; you should never experience any real hunger or cravings. Not even with one meal a day. You should be highly satiated after a meal and you shouldn’t even think about food until later the next day. Just thinking about refined processed plant-based crap and similar junk food should disgust you. It’s not food, it’s toxic garbage totally void of nutrition. They are not called “empty calories” for nothing.  Don’t be a slave to food. Food is supposed to nourish you, nothing more, nothing less.

You should only need one to three meals a day depending on body size, muscularity, and activity levels. You should be satiated and energized all day long.

That is how it should be, that is proper nutrient utilization and a healthy relation to food.

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