Cholesterol is Essential to Life

All our cells are made from cholesterol. All our hormones are made from cholesterol. Your brain needs lots of cholesterol or it will shrink and give you memory problems, Alzheimer’s, and make you mentally ill. The more cholesterol you have, the longer you are going to live! Those with low cholesterol are weaker, unhealthy, get heart diseases, have mental problems and die more often when cardiovascular issues arise.
Cholesterol is also used to repair your arteries. If you have high cholesterol, it’s because your body is trying to repair itself. If you take cholesterol-lowering medication, you are hindering your body from healing and you will endanger your health.

Evolution preserved the use of cholesterol in our bodies for a reason. Without it, we would have an increased risk of almost all the major chronic diseases we see today. Makes you wonder if a big part of our chronic disease epidemic is because our medical system is obsessed with lowering cholesterol. There are those that would say that cholesterol is only a problem when it’s too high, but those with genetically high cholesterol don’t die any sooner and have health advantages that those with normal or low cholesterol don’t, like protection from infection.

This cannot be repeated enough: Low cholesterol is a death sentence.

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