Mass Shooting in Plymouth, England – The Jesuit, Boris Johnson, and Francis Bacon Connection

Mass shootings, school shootings, bombings, and “terrorist attacks” are almost always staged false flag operations – or “psy-ops” when serving a bigger agenda. They want to control the narrative and these fake events are used to get excuses and statistics for new legalizations, new restrictions – and of course, to ‘normalize’ violence, so you no longer take notice or even care when something actually happen. There is a reason why gang violence, robberies, and rape hardly ever reach the news – because it’s organic and not controlled. They have a hard time coding them when they do not control the narrative, the time and the date. So, that is why we get very selected stories thrown in our face – stories that are planned, fabricated, staged and serves a purpose and/or are ritualistic in nature.

This mass shooting in Plymouth, England, is no exception. All staged by the numbers. Let’s break down this event and see what is behind the words, using gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

The “shooting” took place on Thursday, August 12, 2021. The 224th day of the year.
The Society of Jesus: 224 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Fraternal Order of Police: 224 (Jew Ord)

The Fraternal Order of Police is the Freemasonic “brotherhood” branch within the Police and they take their orders from The Jesuit Order at the Roman Catholic Church. In other words, this shooting was staged (maybe as a drill) by the police by orders from the Jesuits, probably as a ritual, as we will get to.

This happened on a Thursday. The story claims six victims, including “a child” and was commented as, a “serious firearms incident”, and “shocking”.
Thursday: 116, 35, 100, 46
The Roman Catholic Church: 116
Catholic: 35
Shooter: 35
A Child: 35
Child: 35 (Jew Ord)
Gunshot: 35 (Septenary)
Catholism: 100
Shooter: 100
Stagecraft: 100
“Serious Firearms Incident”: 100 (Septenary)
“Shocking”: 46 (Chaldean)
Catholic: 46
Deception: 46
It’s Fake: 46

And August 12 is 8/12 or 8 (1+2) = 83, the number for murder
Murder: 83

August 12, 2021 is 8/12/2021 = 8+12+20+21 = 61
Gunshot Wounds: 61
Active Shooter: 61
All Seeing Eye: 61
It’s All Fabricated: 61

August 12, 2021 is 8/12/2021 = 8+12+21 = 41
Plymouth: 41 (Rev Single Red)
Plymouth: 410 = 41 (Satanic)
Six People: 41
“Shocking”: 41

August 12, 2021 is 8/12/2021 = 8+1+2 + (21) = 32
Plymouth: 32
Gunshot: 32
Theatre: 32

And, the most important connections:
Plymouth, England: 187, 218, 70
Holy Roman Empire: 187, 218
Society of Jesus: 187
Gunshot Wounds: 70 (Rev Single Red)
Mass Shooting: 70 (Jew Red)
Gun Man: 70
Killing: 70 (Jew Ord)
Vatican: 70

Speaking of date numerology, the jester Boris Johnson, playing the acting role as Prime Minister, was born on June 19, 1964. This shooting ritual was executed 54 days after his birthday.
Jesuit Order: 54

And, if you did not know, Boris’ official residence is located at “10 Downing Street”, and above the door is a glass frame shaped as a half sun – the Jesuit logo. Also, street number 10.

Ten: 42
Jesuit: 42

10 Downing Street, London. The Jesuit/Society of Jesus “Sun” logo on the glass frame.
Official logo of the Jesuit Order, aka., Society of Jesus.

At Downing Street…
Downing: 86, 103
Jesuits: 86, 103

And, for a little history lesson, 10 Downing Street was finished in 1684 (84), exactly 144 years after England was recognized by Rome on September 27, 1540.

Jesuit: 84
The Jesuit Order: 84
Jesuit Order: 144
Ten: 144 (Satanic)

Pretty telling, right? Boris is a little Jesuit puppet – like all of them.

The shooting was staged at Biddick Drive.
Biddick Drive: 224
The Jesuit Order: 224
The Catholic Church: 224
And all the divisors of 84 sum to 224.
Jesuit: 84

The shooter is allegedly named ‘Jake Davison’.
Jake Davison: 39
The shooting took place exactly 39 weeks after Jesuit general Arturo Sosa’s birthday on November 12, 2020.

Davison: 84, 42
Jesuit: 84, 42

Jake was said to be 22-years old.
Jesuits: 22

Jake Davison: 39
Twenty-Two: 39, 42
Davison: 42

22-years old: 40, 49
“Shocking”: 40, 49
Gunshot: 40

The first to comment the story was the ‘British Home Secretary’.
British Home Secretary: 105
Davison: 105
Francis Bacon: 105

Francis Bacon was an English philosopher, Jesuit, and author of the Shakespearean plays. Francis Bacon chose the name “Shakespeare” out of his veneration for Greek goddess Pallas Athena, his personal muse, who was known as “THE SPEAR SHAKER.” Francis bacon is believed by many to be the son of Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester Robert Dudley. Francis also invented his own Gematric cipher, the Francis Bacon cipher, which was used by the Illuminati novice for secret communication.
They often code his name in rituals taking place in England as a tribute.

So, that little history lesson will explain this nice bit of coding:

Biddick Drive: 64, 224, 80
The Spear Shaker: 64, 224, 80

Three out of four. Clearly a Jesuit ritual with a tribute to some of the English Jesuits such as late Francis Bacon and current lapdog Boris Johnson.

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