Looking Back at February – A Website News Update

February was a month of slowly escalating the Russian-Ukraine conflict while giving the masses a little break from the staged and fake pandemic by spoon-feeding them some satanic rituals in the form of Super Bowl 56 and the Olympic Games. And once that was over, they staged a fake war as the crescendo of their theatrics on the world stage – all accompanied with old archive footage, fake green screen nonsense and silly overacting reporters and crisis actors running around like chickens with their head cut off. The world surely is a stage, a stage of lunatics.

As for February, I wrote and published 57 articles on this website. That is just over two free articles a day! And also notice that the website is rather clean, no evil Google Ads or anything else. Only the occasional push for my own uncensored online community Ungovernable, and if you haven’t joined yet, you are really doing yourself a disservice. It’s the best place for intelligent, woke, and like-minded people to share and discuss any topic. Beside writing for this website, I spend a few hours at our community every day posting more news, answering questions, and discussing various topics.

As for unique visitors and pageviews, it’s pretty consistent with the last update for the first two weeks of February. Just over 2100 unique visitors a day on average and +2500 page views daily.

Thank you for visiting and for reading. Feel free to share any articles on social media. The more people we can wake up from their slumber, the better off we are. The only way to fight back is to ignore their staged events, their fake authority, and to be independent of their beast system. Find like-minded people, form groups and communities to trade goods and services. Stand together and work together.

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