Looking Back at February – A Website News Update

February was a month of slowly escalating the Russian-Ukraine conflict while giving the masses a little break from the staged and fake pandemic by spoon-feeding them some satanic rituals in the form of Super Bowl 56 and the Olympic Games. And once that was over, they staged a fake war as the crescendo of their theatrics on the world stage – all accompanied with old archive footage, fake green screen nonsense and silly overacting […]

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Thank You for Reading!

Who would have thought that a website, or a “blog,” exposing lies would get more than 2,100 unique visitors a day? Especially in a time of ‘memes’ and short ‘Tik-Tok videos,’ and where ‘reading’ is considering hard and time consuming. Well, the success of this website confirms that more and more people are waking up, more and more people recognizes that something is very wrong with the world we live in, and that a

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Ungovernable – The Uncensored Online Community

Our new online community is now live! It’s the one-stop site for like-minded, intelligent, and woke people to gather, discuss, share ideas, and network.In all simplicity, this is the place for us that are free in mind, body and spirit, for us who love working together, solving puzzles, teaching and helping each other towards a better world. This is a home for us who are ‘ungovernable.’ It doesn’t matter if you just exited the

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