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Who would have thought that a website, or a “blog,” exposing lies would get more than 2,100 unique visitors a day? Especially in a time of ‘memes’ and short ‘Tik-Tok videos,’ and where ‘reading’ is considering hard and time consuming.

Well, the success of this website confirms that more and more people are waking up, more and more people recognizes that something is very wrong with the world we live in, and that a lot of people are way more open-minded and intelligent than what you might get the impression of from reading or watching the ‘News,’ or any ‘program’ on the tell-a-vision.

So, a big thank you to everyone who stops by to read! No matter what you agree or disagree with, you are still open-minded and curious, and you are seeking out your own path, separating yourself from the indoctrinated herd of sleeping zombie-walking sheep. Good on you!

The 15 most popular articles in the past 15 days:

  1. Trucker Fr33dom Convoy – come on, it’s a Psy-Op! (updated Jan. 29)
  2. The Fr33dom CON-voy Trucker Psy-OP – More Catching On
  3. Covid-19 Restrictions Dropping World-Wide as Year of the Tiger Gets Underway
  4. Being Diet Woke. Deep State and Q’Anon-bullshit
  5. TIME Magazine Cover – Year of the Tiger and Black Goo Symbolism
  6. Amazon’s New Alexa Commercial: Mind Reader
  7. A look into the Secret Societies and the Vision for our World
  8. Weight Gain and Why Some Pack on the Pounds While Others Struggle
  9. Novak Djokovic, “Mr. 53,” Released on a Day With 53-Numerology. The Theatre Continues!
  10. PSY-OP: Australian Covid-19 Vaccine Recalled After Triggering False Positive for HIV – Story Resurfaces After a Year by Shills
  11. Luc Montagnier, Co-Discoverer of Fake HIV, Dead at 89 – And a Few Words on Viruses and Contagion
  12. War of the Shills – Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young
  13. Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst dies at 30 on Jan. 30 in a Sacrifice Ritual
  14. Bob Saget Allegedly Died of Head Trauma, Family Says 32-Days After His Death
  15. The Controlled Trucker Convoy Successful as Predicted – Emergencies Act Invoked

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