More on the Re-invented HIV/AIDS Psy-Op – New York Woman Cured of HIV

HIV and AIDS are, as most of us have noticed, back in the headlights again after almost 30 years or so of complete silence. And with this fabricated piece of garbage story, we can see where it’s heading.

Now they claim that a ‘New York Woman,’ who had “leukemia” and was “HIV Positive,” although no viruses exist and HIV is a complete hoax, have become the third person ever to be “cured of HIV” after receiving umbilical cord blood cells.

What a beautiful coincidence, wouldn’t you say? All this happening during Black History Month and just a few weeks after they started the new fake variant of HIV that will give you “AIDS” double as fast as before, and with all the fuss about covid-19 vaccines making people HIV-positive.

And look, here we are with a new “treatment” in the process. Even more dangerous, maiming, and potentially deadly drugs to give to people who, by some fake test shows them to be “HIV positive,” although HIV and AIDS nor any other virus actually exists. It’s a brilliant scam that will further line their pockets with billions, while at the same time aiding their depopulation- and virus-lie agenda.

Back in the days, HIV was a series of toxic cancerous sheep- and cow cells that was inserted into “Hepatitis B” and “Small Pox” (none of which exists) vaccines in target depopulation areas, which made people sick enough to get tested with a fake HIV PCR test that cannot detect anything, much less a non-existent HIV virus. Many people tested positive for the 65 antigens that triggered a positive and were thus tricked into killing themselves with AZT (azidothymidine / zidovudine) cocktails to “extend their lives.”

There is no HIV, but the side effects from the current vaccine injections will now con people into taking and testing positive for HIV with new false PCR tests. This is a new psychological operation to trick people into taking more nose swabs covered with hydrogel and more graphene injections. Don’t fall for this. There is no such thing as HIV in these injections. HIV does not exist. Not any kind of viruses exist.

I bet, when they step up the staged and fake pandemic agenda again with a new variant or even a new fabricated illness, perhaps even with HIV, then they will make some new vaccine-like drug from this kind of stem cell transplant and combine it with nano-technology. It’s their wet dream of transhumanism coming together.

And for it all being fabricated by the numbers – all articles refer to the woman being cured as “New York Woman.”

“New York Woman” = 177
The Jesuit Order = 177

“New York Woman” = 57
“Cured of HIV” = 57

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