World History, Humans and the Matrix Through the Lens of Legends – Part 4

In part 3 the younger ‘demigods’ of the Cain-bloodlines rebelled against their overlords in Atlantis and settled a new civilization in old Lemuria where they shared forbidden technology and rituals with the human race. This was symbolic to that of the renegade group of fallen angels led by Lucifer and the consuming of the fruit of the Tree of knowledge. Rulers, classes, and slavery becomes the norm and from rock art, human-made markings on stone, we can see calendars and zodiac signs appear around 17.000 BC, establishing the influence of astrology.

At around 15.000 BC the first step of the takeover by the ‘reptilian overlords,’ the Draco, took place – as in a three-step plan of putting the inhabitants in a different reality, into a matrix, and controlling them mentally, a kind of ‘soul harvest’ (metaphorically described in the Matrix movie.) At least, that is what the ‘elite families’ and the secret societies believe and want to achieve.

As we have discovered in this series, according to legend, this disconnection first happened roughly 300.000 years ago as the reptilian overlords experimented on the population of Earth (Atlantis,) cutting them off from their higher self. From that moment they lived on as a slave race, as an energy source under mind control. That fall of consciousness and disconnection from the higher dimensions is metaphorically the fall of Lucifer. This decent into lower dimensions lead to materialistic and bodily obsession, and that happened out of ‘free will,’ which is symbolic for the rebirth of souls wanting to experience this realm and to learn from it.

The reptilian overlords were said to look down on humans because they are cold-blooded, androgynous, and do not evolve, in contrast to humans who are warm-blooded, gendered, and evolve. So, thus they believe that the human souls have chosen to reincarnate on this kind of prison realm, often referred to as a ‘prison planet,’ to experience this hardship, knowing that at the end of the cycle, when the human race has reached the end of its evolution, they would remember everything and break free from that control, freeing themselves from the underworld as Venus, as the light-bringer.

Meanwhile, the reptilian overlords have lost their connection with the heart consciousness and are trapped in 4D, wanting to know how humans release themselves from an artificial prison and slavery in order to technologically understand the ‘heart consciousness,’ how two humans can connect, care, love and produce offspring in their image, with the mission to imitate and conquer it. This is symbolic to the ‘ego death,’ and that mission is what is believed that they have been working towards for thousands of years.

This first step of the takeover, called the Aeon of Isis, the conquering of the feminine energy, was said to start with the insertion of the Moon. In their beliefs, the Moon is hollow, it rings and reverberates like a bell. It has its own light and seems to reflect the Earth, like an inverted map. It influences the tides of the oceans and, according to belief, human beings as well, as humans consists mostly out of water; influencing their emotions (hormones of the 7 endocrine centers) while keeping them in the Saturn-moon matrix of polarization (duality, division, ego.)

The sudden insertion of the Moon and its influence on water caused a flood, wiping out most of Earth’s civilization. Atlantis, the new Lemuria and most fauna and flora was eventually destroyed. Some of the Draco and Anunnaki descendants, the sons of the serpents and their followers, were warned. According to legend, those were Noah (semitic, Babylonian fish-human God Oannes,) Deucalion (son of Prometheus, Greek equivalent of Noah,) Manu (the son of Vivasvana, the Sun god, and the first human in Hindu mythology,) Yima (son of the Sun, first man in Iranian religion), Dwyfan and Dwyfach (sole survivors of a flood in Welsh mythology,) Nuada/Nuadha (first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Irish mythology,) Bergelmir (grandson of Ymir, a frost giant in Scandinavian/Norse mythology,) Coxcox (the only male survivor of a worldwide flood in Mexican/Aztec mythology,) and Nata (deities of Hindu origin and ancestors in Myanmar/Burma).
As you can see, this old story of a flood has been retold in mythology and folklore all over the world.

After the flood, an even deeper fall of consciousness occurred. The remaining descendants, as in the overlord’s hybrid representatives, were allowed to shape a new slave society based on Saturn and Moon worship; cutting all humans off from the Sun and the Earth.
It is believed that the moon is covered with fine sand and also by silica sand, similar to the properties of the pineal gland, which vibrates like a crystal. Thus, the energy of the earth, the divine feminine, was gradually taken over and replaced by a dark, negative, feminine Saturn energy; an energy of limitation, duality, division, ego and materialism.
This is also why silicon has been a focus in technology and why ‘Silicon Valley’ is so heavily used in the Transhumanist movement.

As the Moon was brought into orbit, it also became the brightest object in the night sky next to Sirius and Venus. The female menstruation cycle became timed to the barren cold moon instead of the life-giving warm sun, and the moon became a symbol of the cycle of life and death. The Divine Feminine creative energy of the star Sirius was replaced with the negative feminine Saturn-Moon energy, worshiped in the form of a sensually seductive Whore from Babylon, Isis/Ishtar, Ashtar, Lilith, etcetera. Saturn is linked to the moon because it takes 29,5 years to complete the circuit of the ecliptic, similar to the sickle/cycle of the moon of 29,5 days within the earth realm. Hence, feminine energy is distorted into Saturn worship.
Also, the Mayans timed their rituals of sacrifice to cycles of the eclipse (when Earth and the Moon are aligned with the Sun, also linked to the mythical black sun.)

The people living before the moon entered earth’s realm are referred to as Proselenes (meaning “those that were before moon” in Greek.) Humans survive in caves and on mountains. Later they are taught that the flood was their own fault (a deluge, a great flood, because of ‘sin,’ another word for the moon, as ‘Sin’ was the God of the moon in Mesopotamian mythology.)

We also saw the introduction of currency, as in Mo(o)ney to trap people in materialism and debt, paying for what should be free or tradable, and to control them through their third eye based on the monthly cycle of the moon (third eye as in the all-seeing eye, the Eye of Providence, as seen on the Dollar bill.)

Because the Nephilim, the fallen angels, were white, they were associated with the moon. The ‘Q’ of Quain (as in Cain, the Cain-bloodline) and the Queen is the symbol of the moon, so those of Cain/Quain are seen as moonchildren, a moon-ster, hence the word ‘monster.’

The flood, connected to the moon, also became a metaphor for ego death, the crossing of the Abyss between dimensions, the boundary between all that is and is not, diving deeper and experiencing what it is like to be cut off even more from your essence.

Around 13.500 BC the Nephilim giants and their offspring spread to the Levant, a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean region of West Asia, including present-day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinian territories, and most of Turkey southwest of the middle Euphrates. The Levant was the origin of Israeli Jews, seeing themselves as the Devine chosen race with the right to rule others.
The class structure with slavery is reintroduced and the first signs of bread- and beer is recorded – i.e., food void of nutrients to weaken the people, and alcohol to control; it is the food of slaves and a subdued population.

Around 12.000 BC it is said that the goat was domesticated. While goats provide milk, meat, dung, and wool, they are not as easy as sheep to manage. Instead, they were domesticated because they were associated and linked to Venus for their estrous (18-22 days) and sexual cycle. Goats are sexually active during winter (September to February.)
Saturn becomes an androgynous god of lust portrayed with a Billy goat’s head in an inverted pentagram. This first resemblance to ‘Baphomet’ is linked to winter solstice and the tropic of Capricorn, the exit gate of souls, to death.

The knowledge and rituals that involve Amanita muscaria (aka., fly agaric or fly amanita, a toxic mushroom) and Psilocybin mushroom (aka., magic mushroom) spreads across the world to explore and understand the Tree of knowledge.

The worship of the Moon as mother goddess spreads, corrupting the female energy.   

To be continued in the next part.

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