World History, Humans and the Matrix Through the Lens of Legends – Part 5

In part 4 we covered the first step in the Draco takeover with the insertion of the Moon into the realm of the Earth. An event that caused the great flood that buried Atlantis and the newly founded civilization at Lemuria. It also led to Moon and Saturn worship, the foundation of the Saturn cult, the Earthly ‘3D-representatives’ of the ‘4D-conquerors’ that still rules the Earth.
And as the goat got domesticated, Saturn also became an androgynous god of lust, represented as a goat head in an inverted pentagram, later known as the Baphomet.

At around this time, 12.000 BC, the Anunnaki realizes that the younger demigods, the Nephilim slave race they created and who rebelled (the Quain/Cain-bloodline) are now cooperating with their other slave race, the Adamites, to start a new rebellion. This led to the ‘war of the gods’ that are present in all legends, as in Angels vs. Devils, Light vs. Darkness, Devas against Auras, Gods against Titans, as in the Greek myth of ‘Gigantomachy,’ the battle between the Giants, sons of Gaia and Uranus, and the Olympian gods who were trying to overthrow the old religion and establish themselves as the new rulers of the cosmos.
This war probably took place around Israel (Sodom and Gomorrah — two biblical cities destroyed by God for their wickedness) and Libya, once again hinting to the ‘Elite’s’ obsession with this region.

This war, and the defeat of the Draco, of the reptilian serpent masters, is the motive of the dragon slayer all through history, as in the Greek sky god Zeus slaying Typhon, Babylonian Marduk slaying Tiamat, Buddhist god Indra slaying Vritra, Hittite skygod Tarhunz slaying Illuyanka, and in Christianity, the archangel Michael or St George slaying the dragon.

At around 11.700 BC it is believed that “comets,” or some type of exploding energy from the ‘war of the gods,’ destroyed parts of Greenland and half of North America. This also led to the melting of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, the Continental glacier in North America during the last ice age, uncovering most of Canada and Northern United States, including the forming the North American lakes. The heavy rains and floods are remembered through Astrology and the constellations Aquarius (Enki pouring water,) Pisces and other sea-related signs.

The era of this flood and its aftermath was also known as the Younger Dryas, a period of abrupt cooling that took place after the flood and that had a severe impact on human populations and ecosystems.
Once the Younger Dryas comes to an end, the older gods seem to be defeated by their younger demigod offspring (as in Jupiter, who with his lightning and thunder slayed the dragon.)
As a next step to rule the Earth, the new young gods, now associated with Jupiter, install genetically engineered rulers in their image.

The Atlantean Nephilim, the Rhesus/Rh-bloodline, migrate from west to east. The Aryans from Atlantis become the Irish from Ireland and the Scottish from Scotland, and they move to England, Europe and also the Middle East.

At around 10.000 BC a drought forces the Earth population to rely more on agriculture and domesticated cows. As cows becomes a necessity for survival and provide the perfect nourishment, they become the focus of worship. In Astrology, the Taurus was the first sign of the zodiac established among the Mesopotamians, who called it “The Great Bull of Heaven,” as it was the constellation through which the Sun rose on the vernal equinox. In Egypt, ‘The Great Bull of Heaven’ became Hathor (House of Horus,) a goddess/sky deity, depicted either as a woman or simply as a cow, who carried the sun between its large horns, and whose milk/sperm created the milky way. Her four legs are envisioned straddling the earth marking the cardinal points, the four rivers of the garden of Eden. Ploughs are invented to work the soil; they are also triangular/bull-shaped.

Around 9600 BC the Aramaic culture of the Anatolian highlands (Turkey) are formed. They build the Göbekli Tepe, also known as Potbelly Hill, depicting the constellation of Taurus, lifting the sun, with the 7 stars of the Pleiades in its neck, and commemorating the comets causing the flood.
They continue with the founding of Çatalhöyük, a proto-city (a settlement that is largely distinguished from a city by its lack of planning and centralized rule,) mainly used for gatherings performing cattle worship (as illustrated on its many stonewalls.)

We also saw the construction of Nabta Playa in the Nubian desert, Egypt, believed to be the oldest stone circle in the world built by a cattle-worshiping cult of nomadic people to mark the summer solstice and the arrival of the monsoons. It is aligned with Orion and Ursa Major.

Around 8500 BC, megalithic structures are built around Europe for the cow-goddess of fertility. The worshipping of bulls as symbol of virility spreads to Crete, France, England, India and Spain.

At around 8000 BC, due to the drought, the warm climate and melting of the ice-covered glacial lakes of Northern America (especially Lake Agassiz,) their waters pour into the Atlantic and Artic Ocean, causing the third and last flood, and also the final end of the Northern- and Atlantic/Atlantean civilization. According to several mythologies, roughly 35 species went extinct; such as the mammoth and the saber-toothed tiger, including human tribes like the Clovis culture in the American Southwest.

In some legends, and in Hindu myths, the Krakatau volcano, in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra, erupted, being cause of the fall of Atlantis. This eruption is allegorized as the ‘Primordial Castration’ of the Earth, which turned the Cosmic Phallus (Linga) into the Cosmic Yoni (Vulva.) This allegedly led to a shifting of the poles, as described in Egyptian papyrus; ‘South becomes north and the earth turns over,’ which is symbolic for the loss of stability of the pole, the pillar of truth. In Sanskrit, the ancient Indo-Aryan language of South Asia, the fall of Atlantis is described as, ‘deprived of its pillar, sunken to the bottom.’

As hinted in part 4, all cultures have their own and slightly different version about the floods and the fall of Atlantis. However, all rulers of Sumerian-, Egyptian-, Greek- and Roman cultures worshiped the Atlantean Gods of the North and the West (the Anunnaki and the Nephilim.) And all the rulers claimed to be descendants from them. All of them also tell humans that the flood was their own fault for seeking forbidden knowledge, (as in the rivalry of Enlil and Enki,) for biting the apple of Lucifer, and for practices of sodomy and sin.
This also gives us hints to why flooding has become so prevalent as of late, as our ‘elite’ has mastered the technology of weather modification. It’s very ritualistic and symbolic to the war of the gods, wiping the slate clean, and installing new rulers, new gods.

Around 7000 BC the sea levels stabilize and humans return to the coast lines, building new settlements.

At 6500 BC the first mining of lead is said to have occurred in Anatolia (Turkey.) Lead is a grey heavy metal and a toxic substance, associated with planet Saturn (melancholia, cynicism.) It has been used by the Saturn cult in alchemy, in cosmetics and the war industry. Lead was used to toxify/poison the population of the Soviet Union and later China, and also around the world in the early 1900’s as part of spraying food crops, which led to Polio in children (then replaced by DDT which was even worse.)

The descendants who migrated before the final fall of Atlantis now mix with the natives of North-America. The blue-eyed Nephilim were known by Hopi Indians in as Bahana, ‘white brother from the skies.’
In Chile and Peru, the Atlantean descendants were known as the Chinchorro, the red-haired fisher folk, a group of hunter-gatherers famous for their detailed mummification and funereal practices.
In Meso- and South America the people called their arrival ‘the beginning of the Age of the First Sun’ (as in Saturn,) the age of the white/blond haired and bearded giants.

To be continued in part 6.

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