World History, Humans and the Matrix Through the Lens of Legends – Part 1

The history you were taught in school, the tales and events dotted down in history books, has been rewritten and are, most of the time, nothing more than fiction and propaganda. While a lot of the events described did happen, exactly how they happened or why is cleverly hidden. Same goes for time periods as our history has been stretched out. For example, the periods of history referred to as the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, and the Enlightenment are all fabricated. For example, the era of Enlightenment was a philosophical trend created during the 17th century as a slave-master tactic to improve the image of the Holy Roman Empire/Church as benevolent, empathic, and scientific, putting emphasis on ‘Reason.’

We will most likely never learn the truth of our history, our origin, or how our world works. However, we can decipher a lot through the occult, through mysticism/Kabbalism, astrology, Gnosticism, and through the writings and material of secret societies, as well as holy texts. We can find common threads, which you will notice as I bring them up, and through them we can get a picture of their beliefs, and how it has shaped our history and current society. Even if much of it is part fiction, it is what they believe and what governs their actions, so understanding their view of how the world was shaped will give us a better understanding of how the world is run and also where we are heading.

In this series I might jump a little, but I will try to keep it in mostly a structured chronological order. Again, I’m writing this during an hour or so each morning with only a few quick searches to refresh my memory, and it is based on notes from articles at, which is the site who has come closest to the truth of our history.

The first big lie is the Jesuit construct of the ‘Big Bang,’ that the universe came into existence 13,7 billion years ago, out of nothingness, for no reason. This idea was created to support the lie of an ever-expanding universe and the concept of “outer-space” with an ‘infinite’ number of solar systems and planets – making Earth mostly insignificant and our lives totally irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things. It was also fabricated to support the idea of other inhabited planets, of extraterrestrials, and to support the New Age fraudulent idea of humans being part of an alien race and a much more ancient “intergalactic” civilization – that we were ‘planted’ here on Earth.
All these constructs are simply metaphors and symbolism for dimensions, as in realms, as in 3D, 4D and 5D (abused in the New Age cult,) and the distinctions between consciousness and the subconscious, the dreamworld, the underworld, and the abyss.

From what we can gather, the most common belief is that the first empire in our realm was established by a race known as the Draco. Through the ages they have been pictured and described as having a tail and/or wings, having horns and a red eye (as a mythical dragon or the devil in Christianity.) They were believed to be Godlike and perfect, and they were androgynous, as in man and woman in one body, just like reptiles (why we have the transgender agenda being pushed on us today.) All these characteristics spawned the theories of reptilian beings controlling the “elite” of today through “hijacking” their consciousness, or reptilians wearing body suits pretending to be humans, as pushed by charlatans like David Icke.
As you know, every character on the world stage is a puppet, they are all mind-controlled actors. Some might be wearing bodysuits and face masks, but they are all human, all part of the controlled slave race, dancing to the strings of the ‘elite families.’

However, with that said, those in power, at the top, controlling the ‘human elite families,’ has been in power since the Draco empire and they are “cold-blooded” like reptilians in the sense that they have no emotions like compassion, they have no empathy, and they claim to have the divine right to rule humans. They are believed to be multi-dimensional, physically and mentally strong, telepathic, and very intelligent. They don’t communicate linear with words, but through symbolic images, through numbers and mathematics, and with multiple layers of meaning. They don’t take individual decisions, but operate as a group mind, a ‘hive-mind,’ like a beehive consciousness (hence the worship of the hexagon, identical to the mind state of the elite and the push for transhumanism – connecting everyone.)

And this brings us to the belief that the Draco empire has a plan to conquer this realm and control every human, as putting everyone in a completely different reality to feed on everyone’s energy, a takeover described in three steps (and we will cover them in this series.) According to the ‘elite,’ the third and last step was initiated in 1904 by Aleister Crowley and his Aeon of Horus.

With that said, let us start at the beginning. According to history and common belief, the first appearance of Homo Erectus was said to be about 2 million years ago. This was the beginning of an empire called Mu/Lemuria that stretched from the Himalayas to past Easter Island and South America, the entire Pacific Ocean, painting a horse-shoe shape, the famous ‘ring of fire’.

At 500.000 BC, it was believed that Atlantis, a new advanced civilization emerged at the North Pole, the heart-center of the Earth, as in a connection to the multidimensional, the infinite soul as described in esoteric symbolism as a primordial state. The heart-center is seen as central pole, corresponding to the north star as an immovable center, the heart of the universe. This age is the mythical Thule and Hyperborea (‘beyond the pole’,) the ‘Garden of Eden,’ a Golden Age with no sickness, old age or death.

At around 375.000 BC, it was believed that Earth was invaded by ‘Archons,’ later known in Sumerian mythology as the Anunnaki. They were said to be beings living in the lower ‘overtones’ of the 4th dimension and could manifest themselves for short periods in the 3D realm. They were temporarily given kingship over Earth by the Draco and became the new rulers of Atlantis. With the Draco they started “genetically engineering” a slave race, controlled through the pineal gland. This was also the start of the Saturn worship, a new control system for the new slave race. The hexagonal shape, found on the north pole of Saturn, is the symbol of the black cube, the 3D physical matrix humans are trapped in. It is symbolic to the hexagonal honeycombs of bees, representing the hive mind. The cold-blooded minds of the Saturn cult, the elite families, worships Saturn because it is a representation of the Great Malefic, a strong astrological force of duality, the highest and lowest frequency of our alleged “solar system” and of the black sun, radiating without light. It represents 666, the 6th planet from the sun, with a 6-sided polygon on its north pole, worshipped on the 6th day of the week (Saturn-day.)

Humans, the slave race, now live in a lower octave of reality, in an avatar body with artificial neurology inside an artificial matrix, being used as a battery of energy for the slave-masters that controls them from 4D. However, humans are still powerful creators, because of their divine creative life force they breathe life into the simulation, into the world.

While our real creator, God, created everything and us humans in his image, these slave-masters, who merely were the architects of a matrix and manipulated the pineal gland and the 7 chakras through Saturn to trap us in their illusion, presented themselves as creators and Gods, like Satan. False Gods to be worshipped by rising human civilizations. Their consciousness is egotistic and wants worship and obedience. When humans are afraid, angry, or experiencing any kind of intense negative emotion, it is believed that they have more access to our mind because of holes in our energy field, making us even easier to manipulate and control.

It is said that they constructed an augmentation of the ‘reptilian brain,’ the so-called bull’s eye, the eye of jealousy and envy (Invidia/N-vidia.) Humans became jealous of each other’s women and possessions. The divine feminine energy was corrupted and we developed a distorted concept of love, later symbolized by Eve, or Pandora who opened a box. Human conflicts are now being engineered, people begin to feel cut off from the source of life, feel depressed and uninspired. Humans are turned into more primitive “3D creatures” serving the self, being more focused on the needs of their holographic body, and being alienated from their true creator. This is symbolized as the ‘fall from Eden’ or the concept of ‘original sin.’

It is believed that the Draco and Archons added their own “reptilian DNA” to the new slave race, so that humans have both a mammal (caring, warm-blooded) and reptilian (not caring, cold-blooded) consciousness, a combination that don’t fit, creating a continuous inner battle between a caring and loving side and a coldblooded dark side.

The new human body wear out and eventually dies. Through the ether, the soul essence leaves the physical body at the tropic of Capricorn (or the Southern Tropic.) Human souls are recycled in a system of reincarnation, stuck in a cycle of suffering, a wheel of karma (the Buddhistic Samsara, the concept of rebirth.) Humans lost their ability of lucid dreaming; they don’t remember their past lives and cannot see past the amnesia they created.

Around 100.000 BC, was the period of the last Ice Age according to mainstream science, when Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal went extinct and the ‘evolution’ from primitive ape to modern human took place.
It was at about this time that the Central African and the Lemurian tribes began the practice of scarification and bloodletting rituals. They created scar patterns resembling reptilian scales as a sign of manhood, as in being initiated to adulthood, to become a hunter and a killer like the false gods.

Around 80.000 BC, the Anunnaki (Archons) forced the women of South Africa to work in mines to obtain gold, copper, and tin. These metals are considered God-like, sacred materializations of the planets.

To be continued in the next part.

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