World History, Humans and the Matrix Through the Lens of Legends – Part 2

In the first part we began with the legends of Atlantis and how the Archons, the Anunnaki, mostly living in the 4th dimension became the rulers of the Draco’s empire on Atlantis and began to meddle with human DNA to rule the Earth realm as gods. This brings us to the second era of Atlantis, which allegedly started with a new arrival in our realm.

Around 50.000 BC, it was believed that there were a second wave of invaders who originated from the 4th dimension in the Pleiades. They were technically advanced and morally corrupt, emerging from Mount Hermon (Israel, Syria, and Lebanon,) the cedar and pine tree forests of Northern Mesopotamia on the 33rd parallel, which later became home for the ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, Akkadians, and Assyria.
According to legend, these Pleiadean giants with elongated skulls were rebels/insurgents on the run and found themselves “trapped” within the realm of the Earth where they made the decision that it was better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven, and thus they allegedly started meddling in human evolution. This story is symbolic and very similar to the rebellion of Lucifer and his fallen angels who were cast out and fell from heaven and landed on Mount Hermon.
This is also why many of the satanic “elites” are obsessed with this area and why they staged WWII to proclaim the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel in 1948.

These giants thus became synonymous with the ‘fallen angels’ and began to interbreed with humans. Their offspring was said to be blond- or red-haired human-like giants with white skin, blue eyes, a square jaw, long ears (elven mythology/folk-lore,) and an elongated skull. They later became known as the Nephilim (meaning ‘giants’ in Hebrew and interpreted as hybrids or demigods by Jewish mythology.)

The bloodline is also interpreted as ‘the shining one’ or the ‘illuminated ones,’ the sons of the serpent (Lucifer/Satan.) As they continued to interbreed, some of their descendants, after breeding with the new humans from Atlantis with some of the Anunnaki “DNA,” became the Cain-bloodline, the Tribe of Dan (Danites,) one of the twelve tribes of Israel. This was seen as the start of a second era of Atlantis. Other human descendants without, or with less of the Anunnaki DNA become known as the children of Abel, ‘children of a Lesser God.’

The worship of the serpent becomes synonymous with the fallen angels, their interbreeding with Anunnaki blood, and they later become to be known as the Sumerian God Enki and the Canaanite god Baal. They were said to hide under Earth, thus the myths of inner Earth, or under water.

The new Cain-bloodline, with a higher percentage of Anunnaki blood, was said to be more susceptible for mind control through their overlords in the fourth dimension. They are thus told that they are superior and should rule over other humans. It is said that their ‘blond/golden’ hair represents the Earth realm and their high percentage of copper-blue (royal) blood represents the sky, the higher realm, as in 4D.

At this stage, the second era of Atlantis begins, and they became the ruling class, claiming divine authority as the descendants of both the Nephilim and the reptilian overlord bloodlines. The breeding and the genetics of this new royal hybrid bloodline of ‘priest kings’ are carefully supervised, and to keep it pure, they use backcrossing; the breeding of a hybrid with one of its parents to achieve offspring with a genetic identity closer to that of the parent – something that later became a norm through history with royal bloodlines.
Allegedly, they began to visit the mainland, the rest of the Earth, in search for people to be used in genetic experiments to make puppets with parts of their DNA to be sent back and rule the mainland as kings and priests (symbolic of the mind-control of today.) For the people living on the mainland, these imposing strangers and their mythical island become Gods from the garden, the fields of Elysium. Their influence while visiting the rest of the Earth and the placements of their genetic altered puppets resulted in the forming of societies that slowly adopted different classes with rulers and warriors, rituals of adulthood/manhood, increased focus on materialism, competitive sports and so on.

It is also said that they did hybridization experiments with humans and animals, creating half-human, half-animal creatures like the minotaur and centaur. Also, it is said they created horses with horns (like a unicorn,) cheetahs, jaguars, lynxes, leopards, cougars, and tigers from their genetic experiments. All of these has their place in mythology and religions.

According to legend, all the experimenting with genetics by the ‘demigods’ eventually causes their lifespan to shorten dramatically and they shrink from being giants to the size of humans. They also get completely cut off from the upper realm, the 4D, and turn to the stars and astrology, creating astrological calendars and monoliths in order to orient and anchor themselves as they find themselves isolated and stuck on Earth.
As a result, the Atlanteans become power hungry and more and more obsessed with technology.

Around 47.000 BC to 45.000 BC the descendants of Atlantis begin to spread all over the world. The Rhesus-bloodline (as in Rh-negative blood,) seen as demigods with ‘magical’ powers (as in the legends of Merlin) populate northern Europe and all the way down to southern France. The Aryans become the Irish. The Danites settle in ‘Swe-Den’ and ‘Den-Mark,’ which is why people in the northern countries are the tallest in the world. The Danites also make their way down in Europe. Danube, the river that flows through Central and Southeastern Europe, from the Black Forest into the Black Sea, is named after the spread of the Danites, the Tribe of Dan, as they worship their goddess Danu.
The descendants from Atlantis interbreed with the indigenous people until they become one culture.

At around 35.000 BC it is said that all of the “Neanderthals” are extinct and replaced by the Cro-Magnon, the early European modern humans, as in Cain slaying Abel, the ‘demigods’ with Anunnaki blood slaying the lesser.

To be continued in the next part.

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