Murder by Numbers: Sinéad O’Connor Dead at 56

This will only be a short article with links to several decodes as some people just want to believe that she died of the clot-shot. No, she did not. Not a single puppet-actor on the world stage got the convid-19 vaccine. This was, as every single celebrity death, a sacrifice ritual. Was he/she really killed in a sacrifice ritual? Or was her world-stage character retired and she now enjoys her retirement? Or is she being groomed for a new role on the world stage, a new character to push one of their agendas? Impossible to say at this stage. All we know is that her alleged death was all arranged by the numbers.

And yes, her life and career were very scripted.

Sinéad O’Connor died at 56 on 7/26/23
7+26+23 = 56

Sinéad O’Connor died on Aldous Huxley’s 129th birthday. She was born 3 years, 2 weeks, and 2 days before his death (Order 322,) Guidestones erected on 3/22, Skull and Bones.

Her real name was Shuhada Sadaqat = 253
She was born 25 years 300 days (253) after she tore up a picture of the Pope.
St Francis of Assisi = 253
Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 253

Her hit song was released 33 years ago in 1990.
She died a span of exactly 33 weeks after her birthday.
She died on 7/26, as in 7+26 = 33.

Sinead died 18 months and 18 days after her son died.
6+6+6 = 18

And on it goes…

Very good and deep decode by Zach:

Great and easy to follow decode by Joseph:

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