A Few Words on the History of Israel

As I’m currently a bit pressed on time, this will be a short summery of Israel as a country and its history. For those new to the real world, the one outside of the media- and government illusion, the world that we actually live in, it might help to understand what is going on, and it will serve as an introduction to deeper analyzes of the fake war, that I hopefully have time to write in the coming days or weeks.

The history of the land, or area, called Israel in our present day, was heavily influenced by the followers of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, also known as Moses, which we covered in the World History series part 10 and part 11. They founded the monotheistic cult of Judaism in the region presently known as Israel, where they used the Star of David as a symbol for their Sun God Saturn, which goes back to the Babylonian and Egyptian God worship, hence the name Israel, as in Isis (moon,) Ra (false light,) and El (Saturn,) ISIS-RA-EL, IS-RA-EL.

This Saturn worship, which is still today the belief system and God Matrix of the ruling elite families, is based on the mythology that at around 50.000 BC, a second wave of invaders, from the 4th dimension in the Pleiades, emerged out of Mount Hermon, which is within the present-day Israeli-occupied territories. These rebels were giants with elongated skulls, very similar to how Akhenaten was pictured, and the story has been retold as being part of the rebellion of Lucifer and his fallen angels, the Nephilim, who were cast out from heaven and fell onto Mount Hermon. Their interbreeding led to a second era in Atlantis with the creation of a ruling class, that of ‘priest kings,’ that of royals, who claimed to have the ‘blue blood’ of both the ‘reptilian-like’ overlords, the Anunnaki, and that of the fallen angels, the Nephilim. It was also their descendants that were said to have defeated the Draco-Orion in the ‘war of the gods,’ a legend that is present in all religions and mythology.
This is why they, the elite families, always has been obsessed with this geographical area, which includes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and the newly founded Israel. I covered this is greater detail in Part 2 of the World History series.

Now, a lot of this ancient Kabbalistic knowledge was revived around 1099 AD with the founding of the Masonic organization Knights Hospitalier, aka., Order of St John in Jerusalem – a sodomy cult that at first were rivals to the Knights Templar, although they both worshipped John the Baptist. They were formed to fight the crusades in ‘Israel’ and they later became the Order of Malta, a papal order that work together with the Jesuit Order as protectors of the Vatican.

In 1882, the city Rishon LeZion was founded with the help of Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, a banker of the Vatican, as in the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order. As you might know, the Rothschilds are used as shields on the world stage for the real elite families of the Saturn Cult, and they were instrumental in forming Israel.

In 1896 the British agent Theodor Herzl published Der Judenstaat, which was the beginning of the political movement known as Zionism.

During WWI, in 1914, the British Empire conquered Palestine from the Ottoman Empire, and in 1917 the State of Israel was promised to Walter Rothschild by the Balfour Declaration by British Elite Family Cecil puppet Arthur Balfour.

By 1933, as in the Masonic ’33,’ actor and puppet Adolf Hitler had been tasked to give rise to the antisemitic Nazi party together with the British MI6 agent Oswald Ernald Mosley. Although Adolf Hitler was a mere puppet in a mass sacrifice ritual, reenacting the defeat of the mythological Draco-Orion Empire in ‘war of the gods,’ he was painted as the ultimate evil defeated by the ‘good guys’ who saved the world.

And in the aftermath of WWII, Zionist (fake) jews were accepted everywhere and never questioned, or you would be considered antisemitic. It also led to fulfill the promise of Arthur Balfour, as they used the mostly doctored atrocities from WWII as an excuse to let Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion of the World Zionist Organization declare Israel as an independent, sovereign state in Tel-Aviv, on May 14, 1948. However, originally all of Palestine was promised to the Zionists, but it was not so easy to drive away all the Palestinians, thus the ongoing hostilities since then, and Israel slowly growing with the goal to occupy all the mythological ‘holy land.’

Now, there is a lot more to this, that we will hopefully have time to explore in future articles. This was simply the very short and simplified version. And to quickly summarize, Is-Ra-El was founded in 1948 in the aftermath of WWI and the mostly staged WWII ritual with extremely inflated numbers and with the puppet and Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler as the villain. The country of Israel is ruled by the Elite Families of the Saturn Cult through the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church (the former Roman Empire.)

Also, keep in mind that the World is a Stage. Both Israel and Hamas are controlled by the same hand, used to shape this illusion of war and to continue the completion of the ‘holy land.’ Same as mainstream media and alternative media are the same, simply playing the opposite ends of the illusion, either making you sympathize with Israel or with Palestine – all while forgetting about the people who actually live there, the real victims. Do not hate the countries, as in the people of either Israel or Palestine, or Israelites, Jews or Muslims. The real villains are the hidden Elite Families, the Catholic Church and their Jesuit Order, and all the Masonic secret societies they operate through, such as the puppets within the governments, the military, the secret services, and the police.

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