Graves of Knights Templar Found in the UK on the Jesuit Order’s Birthday

On August 15, 2023, the Sun published an article claiming that tombs of five Knights Templar were uncovered in the village and civil parish of Enville, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. This is yet again 100% proof that everything is scripted and published by the numbers, and as a symbolic reference to our real history. The article goes on about the usual romanticized history of the Templars simply being “protectors” of pilgrims to Jerusalem while taking potshots at pop-culture such as the video-game franchise Assassin’s Creed where the Templars are portrayed as an “Illuminati-type” group seeking ‘world domination.’

Actually, the Knights Templar were a military order founded by the Roman Catholic Church, which were the continuation of the Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek-Roman Empire with Saturn worship disguised as Christianity. If you read some of the World History series, this will be familiar.

The Knights Templar were initially founded to wage a Holy War against the early and rising Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Empire that controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa from around 1200 AD and forward, and also to reconquer Jerusalem. They also served to protect the ‘Holy Grail,’ as in the bloodlines that came from both the Anunnaki and the Nephilim, as in the descendants of Scotia, the daughter of Akhenaten/Moses, which later became the House of Bruce and the House of Stewart-Sinclair.

Some legend say that the Templars originated from the Order of Solomon’s Temple, which actually was founded to protect pilgrims on their journey to Jerusalem, and they carried the rose symbol.
At the Council of Troyes, some thirty years later, in 1129, the order became the Order of the Temple, a knighthood with white robes, the first religious and military order of Christendom, also known as the Knights Templar. They practiced fasting, daily prayers, and had no contact with women.
They were now using the sun cross of the druids. The 8-pointed cross represents mother goddess Isis/Ishtar. The red cross has also been used by the Aryans and in the Italian wars by the House of Welf/Guelf (the Guelph dynasty,) as a symbol of martyrdom and blood sacrifice.
Although the Templars had an army of more than 20,000 men to fight the holy wars of the church, about 90 % of them were not knights, but agents specialized in banking and politics.

To make a long story short, after the siege of Acre in 1291 where the crusaders lost control of Acre to the Mamluks, the current rulers of Egypt, the Crusaders no longer controlled any part of the Holy Land and the Templars lost their function as knights, but not as bankers. Years later the Templars were trialed by Philip IV of France for the accusation of worshiping the head of John the Baptist. Several years later, in 1307, the order is abolished by Pope Clement V.
The Templars were forewarned and had moved to Switzerland and split into new secret societies, including the masonic Order of St John and the Dominican Order.

Two-hundred years later, in 1534, the Knights Templar are revived as ‘The Society of Jesus,’ later to be known as ‘The Jesuit Order,’ by the Spanish Borgia family (court of Charles V Habsburg,) Ferdinand II of Aragon, and pope Paul III Farnese.
So, on August 15, 1534, seven men in Montmartre outside Paris, in a crypt beneath the church of Saint Denis, where the last Templar was sentenced, they took an oath to serve as a military order of the Catholic Church, to be the instrument of the Saturn Cult to establish a Saturnian Draco-Orion world empire, and with Ignatius of Loyola as their leader.

So, there is no coincidence that they allegedly discovered five new graves of Templars and published that story on August 15, the birthday of the new Templars, The Jesuit Order.

Now, as for the gematria and the numbers, the story is of course coded in honor of The Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church and the current Pope.

The Sun’s article describes the discovery as “real life Da Vinci Code.”
That is kind of funny, as Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian artist and engineer used as a puppet to make propaganda for the Roman Catholic Church.

Real life Da Vinci Code = 94, 94
Roman Catholic Church = 94, 94

And this discovery was of ‘Templar graves.’

Real life Da Vinci Code = 157
Templar Graves = 157

The discovery of these ‘Templar graves’ was allegedly made in the county of ‘Staffordshire.’

Staffordshire = 77, 155, 167
Templar Graves = 77, 155, 167

They were found at “St Mary’s Church,” and our current pope, Pope Francis, is the first Jesuit pope.

St Mary’s Church = 175, 59, 1050
Pope Francis = 175, 59, 1050

St Mary’s Church is located in ‘Enville.’

Enville = 79
Knights Templar = 79
Society of Jesus = 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

To be more specific, the location was ‘Enville, Staffordshire,’ which sums to 227 in the simple English cipher. August 15 is the 227th day of the year.

Enville, Staffordshire = 227
August 15 = 227th day of the year

And that’s it for this morning.

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