The Financial System and the Jewish Conspiracy

The subject of the Jewish conspiracy was brought up on my social media feed the other day, and people who believe in this illusion of “Jews running the world” often defend their position with the overrepresentation of Jews within the Financial System and the world of Banking. Well, let’s take a quick look at the rigged financial system based on the pseudo-science of economics and the doctrine of capitalism and how the Jews fit into it all. I’ve touched on the Jewish conspiracy in my texts on Henry Kissinger and the Rothschilds.

Economics is the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. To be more specific, the study of economics is actually the study of manipulating human psychology, with mood swings of the human mind (high and lows,) decision-making, responses to incentives, and cycles of optimism (growth) and depression (scarcity.) The elites manipulate the public through media propaganda, fake news, movies, music, TV and commercials.
In the end, the concept of an ‘economy’ is simply to justify slavery.

Capitalism is a doctrine within economics that serves as the foundation of the pyramid-shaped world-wide financial system of slavery invented by the elite families of the Saturn cult (Saturn is the planet of materialism and control,) based on the Divine Right to Rule humanity. The connection to Saturn is why many corporate logos use Saturn sigils and symbols for their brands to ‘evoke’ Saturn energy. Capitalism thrives on modern day myths like infinite growth, the American Dream, democracy, and the free market.

In capitalism the means of production (as in goods and services) are supposedly privately owned and prices are set by demand and supply, but in reality, all major corporations are ruled by the elite families who also govern the political world-stage puppet show, the banking system which invent money out of thin air, and they plan economic crises in alliance with their corporate media. It’s a totally rigged system.
On the illusionary world-stage, Communism, or its moderate form of socialism, is used as controlled opposition against capitalism by the left-wing movement.

As for the financial system, the U.S. central banking system — the Federal Reserve, or the Fed — is perceived as the most powerful economic institution in the world. This makes the Federal Reserve the perfect conspiracy cliché as controlled opposition spreads disinformation about the Fed being a bank of a “Jewish cabal,” that of Rothschild bankers. This fabricated conspiracy often ties back to the staged JFK ritual and the psy-op of JFK as a ‘good guy’ trying to abolish the Fed.
However, the Federal Reserve was created (in 1913) by Jesuits Joseph Tumulty and Paul Warburg, with Skull and Bones Freemason members Pierre Jay, Henry Davidson, George L Harrison, William Potter Gale, and others. The Fed is controlled by the Italian elite families through the Jesuit Order.
The world-wide financial system with its banks uses the U.S. Dollar as world currency. It has no money or valuable property, yet it creates debt out of thin air.

The capitalist financial system is simply a world-wide scam of the Saturn cult to enslave people with a system originally invented in early Babylon (banks who have a monopoly on creating money out of thin air and have the right to raise interests.)
Back in Babylonian times, the Chaldean Magi experimented with forms of ‘black magic,’ forms of control by manipulating energy according to will for self-interest. They did this by putting people in a state of constant shortage, always chasing material gain. This exact control-system of robbing people of energy and having them chase their own tail and building debt has been in use all throughout history.
Money is simply symbolic for worshipping Saturn (planet of materialism) and its female consort, the moon. That is why most countries have a system of paying salary at the end of the month; the end of the monthly moon cycle, as in new moon, new life, new money.

Money is used to create greed and selfishness, in which slaves are led to believe they are indebted to their slave masters. A system of tax (stealing from people) is enforced on every level. And through interest, the ruling class always extracts wealth through stealing money in every transaction.
The bank always wins, and it never has to take responsibility for losing money. On the other hand, small businesses and private investors who have no knowledge of the elite’ planned crises, nor of the rigged economy tricks, lose by default.

Now, in the world-wide financial system all money goes to the Bank of England (city state and ceremonial county ‘City of London’) and eventually to the BIS bank in Switzerland, owned by the Order of Malta, the Church of Rome (almighty under International Maritime Admiralty Law, Vatican Canon Law.)

If we take a quick look at some of the largest banks, we have Bank of America, founded by Knight of Malta and protector of the Vatican, the Jesuit Order, Amadeo Giannini of the Bank of Italy.
Then we have U.S. Bancorp with Jesuit John “Jack” Grundhofer, one of the architects who created the modern-day U.S. Bank.

We have Goldman Sachs, founded by Marcus Goldman in 1868, a deliberately chosen family of Jews from Bavaria, so they could be linked to the Illuminati hoax, and distract from the Saxe-Coburg Gotha (they rule the U.K., Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria and Mexico — and they changed their name to Windsor to hide their German lineage.)

We have Rothschild & Co, the multinational investment bank and financial services company, a family of Vatican bankers, subordinate to the Catholic Church and used as a fake-Jewish shield and distraction.

We also have the UBS Swiss bank which holds 61 billion, money from about half of all millionaires, which merged with the SG Warburg. The Warburg family is a family of Jewish-German investment bankers with origin in Venetia (Black Nobility.) Like the Rothschilds, they are sometimes used by controlled opposition as a distraction with the Illuminati hoax of the Jesuits, and the hoax of Jewish bankers as the big master-minds controlling the world.

In northern Europe we have the Swedish family of Wallenberg, used in the same fashion as the Rothschilds and Warburgs. The Wallenberg family is a Jewish-Swedish elite family of bankers and industrialists who founded Stockholms Enskilda bank and Investor AB. The Wallenbergs are Jesuit-educated and tightly controlled by the ruling families, used as puppets on the world stage.

And on it goes, every single bank is tied to the ruling elite families, the Vatican and the Jesuit Order.

And, of course, we have the World Bank, an international financial institution with 189 member countries. The biggest shareholder companies of the World Bank are of course the elite families’ The Vanguard Group (7 trillion) and Blackrock (owned by The Vanguard Group, shareholder of 1600 companies and 9 trillion dollars.)

Now, if you go through the boards of these banks and financial institutions, which has absolutely nothing to do with who controls them, as the board members, the chairman, president, CEO, and employees are only faces to the public, doing the bidding of the elite families, we see a big overrepresentation of Jews. Unless you’ve done your research, it will look as a Jewish conspiracy, something frequently used by controlled opposition to shield those who really run the world, the Italian mafia elite families, the Black Nobility, the Papal Bloodlines, and the Jesuit Order. So, yes, these Jews are deliberately placed puppets, and they all tie back to the Jesuits. Keep in mind that the elite families that run the world have an obsession with fulfilling biblical prophecies and restoring Jerusalem, so the Zionist Jews are a part of their agenda, and therefore they are frequently used on the world stage as a decoy.

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