Snowflakes Can’t Handle the Truth — When the Programming Kicks In

Here we go again with another account restriction over at Facebook. Is it my 20th? 25th? Heck knows.

However, the post was back after 10 minutes, even after two separate reports, but my current 24-hours ban remains. FB F**kers, fix your broken system!

Anyway, since I can’t post on Facebook for another 24 hours, here is my uncensored message:

I guess someone got envious that this article at my website got more than 1300 unique visitors in less than 6 hours, a someone who got upset about the truth concerning staged false flag shootings, someone who wish that it was real and people died. You vile scum! I hope you burn in hell for supporting the evil cabal and their agenda.

Also, every time my work get validated by Facebook trying to censor me, it only bring more traffic and exposure to my website. So, even though you’re a total corrupted slave for reporting my posts, I thank you for the advertisement.

Remember, I only expose the lies and the deceit. It’s nothing more than possibilities for you to consider, in which you can ponder the ideas and make your own conclusions. If you take offense, you need to start by looking at yourself.

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