Supermarket Linked with Bill Gates Burned Down, Fires in Rome, and Disinformation

According to some minor news outlets, a fire broke out on Sunday and raged through Monday in an online-shopping-based ‘supermarket’ called Picnic located in the Netherlands. According to other sources, the business raised €600 million (approximately $604 million) in an investment round last year, with the lion’s share coming from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust.
Considering that eugenist Bill Gates pushes the evil, toxic and extremely unhealthy plant-based New World Order agenda and the production of vile toxic ‘Fake Meat,’ this is excellent news if true.

This brings us to the next event, some fires in Rome that broke out this Saturday at some car scrap yard and garbage disposal areas. The Controlled Opposition, as in Q’tards and the like, quickly jumped the gun and said that the Vatican was on fire. This disinformation then escalated to complete nonsense such as that the Vatican was “burning secret documents” and “evidence,” adding fuel to the fire of the recent demolished Georgia Guidestones and the fire in Netherlands. Well, at least they admit that the power and the puppet masters in control, who need to be taken down, come from the Vatican. However, there were no fires near that area, and I have friends in Rome that have verified this.

As for the Georgia Guidestones, I have covered that Psy-op here and the link to Trump here.

Again, jumping the gun like this just makes the whole ‘truther community’ look like idiots, which of course is the sole purpose of Controlled Opposition, Shills, and the like of Q.

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