Blue and Yellow and the Predictive Symbolism of the Staged War and previous Psy-Ops

If you’ve followed mine and other decoders work of the staged and very much fake war in Ukraine, then you know about the Gematrical values 24, 42, and 48. They have been all over this staged theatre – all hidden in dates, in words, names, places and in every story in the media. Apart from these obvious riddles and revelations of the truth, there is also a lot of symbolism. One of these, that I’ve only mentioned a couple of times, are the colors of the Ukrainian flag and also those of the Jesuit Order – Blue and Yellow.

This is not by coincidence. The coronavirus psy-op relied on blue and yellow, and the sleeping masses has been conditioned with these colors for a long time, as we will explore in a minute. The blue color induces trust, authority, honesty, and responsibility, while yellow induces energy, happiness, optimism, and confidence. Yellow is the first color you notice and it stimulates the mind, making you more suspectable for programming, while blue is the second most powerful color. When combined you get the feelings and subconscious message to trust and be optimistic about the ‘honest’ authority communicating to you.

Remember, you have been programmed with colors and their meaning since you were a little child. Unless you are consciously aware when viewing them, you will be influenced by them.

Here, blue and yellow used during the staged Black Lives Matter psy-op in D.C.

And here, at the start of the staged and totally fake coronavirus pandemic. Flatten the curve all in blue and yellow.

More from that silly staged pandemic – trying to convince you in blue and yellow of the first “death,” all nonsense of course.

And to get you to comply to degrading yourself with a diaper on the face, again, blue and yellow.

And here, the satanic World Hell Organization with their blue and yellow symbolism.

As you can see, this is an extremely powerful way to manipulate the masses that are not aware of their tricks. They use repetition (brainwashing,) conflicting information to wear you down and stop thinking, dramatic staged and fake footage, crisis actors, manipulative colors and wording, and in video footage also manipulative sounds and soundtracks. In other words, the tell-a-lie-vision and the news use pretty much every trick a movie director would use. And in print and on the internet, they use manipulative images, colors, and wording coded by gematria.

And of course, there is a ritualistic side to these colors as well, as they are cleverly coded with gematria.

Remember, the most used numbers in this staged war are ’24,’ ‘42’ and ’48.’

Blue Yellow = 42 & 48

Ukraine and Sweden are not the only countries using blue and yellow in their flags, we also have the big ugly European Union.

Notice that the flag has 12 stars. Twelve in gematria is of course 24 and 42, the numbers used in this staged war, and also in other media stories as this is the current ‘theme.’

And to add to this, during March 22 to 24 (yes, 24 again), the Council of Europe will hold its 42nd Session in Strasbourg, France. Yes, its 42nd session. Planned all along.

And what if we use gold instead of yellow, as many interpret old sigils that way? Blue and gold, the colors of kings…

Blue Gold = 33

Yes, the Freemasonic code of 33. Just as their favorite ‘hoax’ color orange that is also 33.
What if we add ‘and?’

Blue and Gold = 56 & 74

Ah, their beloved coronavirus hoax code of 56 and the most important reference to ‘Society of Jesus,’ aka., The Jesuit Order. I have tons of decodes on that number. And 74, the God-number that is also the ‘devil,’ as often used by Freemasons. See why they love to use these colors together? It’s not only about manipulation of your subconscious, it’s also symbolic to their orders and their craft.

There is a lot more to be covered here. I might update the post at a later day. If so, I’ll add it to the title. The topic of colors and symbolism is also discussed at our uncensored online community Please join us today!

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