Bonus: Ultraviolet Light to Kill Microbes – Decoded

This is just for fun, since everything they do is by the numbers. If you want to understand the true evil behind this idea, please read my previous article about this “scientific discovery” and why microbes are so important for life, health, and recovery.

Ultraviolet Light to Kill Microbes Could Prevent the Next Staged Plan-demic, Pseudo-Scientists Say — While in Reality it Will Make Us Sicker and Weaker

They say a new kind of ‘light’ kills almost all microbes and the fools says it could prevent ‘next pandemic.’ And how nice of them to tell us that they will fake another pandemic.

Light = 56
Next Pandemic = 56
And we know all about the ‘56’ pandemic hoax code.

This new kind of ‘light’ is ‘Ultraviolet,’ and it seems to be ‘tha bomb’ against that pesky and sneaky imaginary ‘coronavirus.’

Ultraviolet = 155, 142, 70, 70, 151, 930, 852
Coronavirus = 155, 142, 70, 70, 151, 930, 852

And they are very specific. 98% of all microbes will die at the hand of the Ultraviolet light.

Ninety-Eight = 136, 816
The Jesuits = 136, 816

It’s referred to as the ‘sweet spot’ of the UVC-spectrum and it will kill microbes in 5 minutes!

Sweet Spot = 34
5 Minutes = 34

And to be perfectly clear, that ‘sweet spot,’ is called ‘Far-UVC.’

Far-UVC = 71, 91
The Society of Jesus = 71, 91

All roads lead to Rome. Another sinister plot to weaken and kill us. Remove germs and health will suffer.

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