Michigan Shooting ‘Blood Sacrifice’ Ritual by the Numbers

Here we go again. Those separated from reality will probably find this offensive, as like they actually wish there were shootings, terror attacks, death and mayhem – however, as usually, these events are staged as exercises, staged as theater ‘for the greater good’ with crisis actors, or are totally fake with just some freemasonic police at the scene citing the script.

The alleged death count is four, and that is not by coincidence. Four is commonly used in these staged rituals as it relates to death. This comes from the fact that the word for “death” and the word for the number “four” sound exactly the same in Japanese and Chinese.

One of the alleged victim’s names are ‘Madisyn Baldwin.’ They always use strange and bizarre names in these staged rituals. First and foremost, to get their gematria and numerology right, but also to mock the gullible people who believe that this is real. But common, ‘Madilyn,’ who spell their name that way? And ‘Baldwin’, just a month after the Alec Baldwin 201-jesuit ritual? The other three alleged victims are named Tate Myre, Hana St. Juliana, and Justin Shilling. Common!! If you can’t see the mockery, you are blind!

The Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, as in Gretchen the Witch-mer, tweeted, “For Hana, Tate, Madisyn, Justin, and their families. For the entire Oxford community,” which just happen to be 67 letters and 330 = the freemasonic 33 in the Full Reduction cipher.

“For Hana, Tate, Madisyn, Justin, and their families. For the entire Oxford community” = 67 letters

Blood Sacrifice = 67 (also in the Full reduction cipher)
Human Sacrifice = 67 (also in the Full reduction cipher)

And as for the phrase “Michigan stands together…”

Michigan Stands Together = 121
Blood Sacrifice = 121

This ritual happened on Tuesday, November 30, but the story developed on December 1st with a “bullied” suspect. December 1 = 12/1 = 121.
Michigan High School Shooting = 121

And the headline tries to be dramatic with mentioning scissors for defense.
Scissors = 121 (English Ordinal)

The suspect’s name is Ethan Crumbley, another ‘cumbersome’ name that ‘crumbles’ when you take a closer look at it, and the photos of him seem to be from the 1990’s. More mockery.

And yes, that name was not chosen by chance. Remember the fake shootings of Aurora and Sandy Hook? The Freemasons at Skull and Bones little theatre performances? They always try to connect these staged events. The Aurora shooting was on July 20, 2012, and the Sandy Hook shooting was on December 14, 2021, exactly 147 days later. Well, Ethan Crumbley is 147 in the English Ordinal cipher. But it gets better…

Ethan Crumbley = 147, 57, 69, 78
Fatal Shooting = 147, 57, 69, 78
Freemason = 147 (the order staging these events)
Police = 147 (the masonic Fraternal Order of the Police, always involved in these fake and staged shootings)

And speaking of current staged events such as the fake trial, ‘Epstein Island’ just happen to be 147 and 57 as well. They just love to weave rituals together.

If you noticed, his name has another very familiar number in it, the ’69.’

Ethan Crumbley = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Illuminati = 69
Hand Gun = 69 (he allegedly used a hand gun)
Blood Ritual = 69 (what these fake shootings are called)
Fear Propaganda = 69 (what all these fake shootings are)

Very strong connections to the Jesuit Order, the ‘military’ order of the Catholic Church, the order that founded Illuminati in 1776 through Adam Weishaupt. And keep in mind that the Jesuits operate in 112 countries, as in first of December, 1/12 = 112.

I could go on, but this should be more than enough to show you how fabricated and scripted this story is. The world is a stage.

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