Taliban False Flag by CIA

Taliban Fighters Execute 22 Afghan Commandos in a False Flag Ritual

We know that anything that has to do with “Terrorist organizations” or “Islamist Movements” such as the Taliban or Isis are in fact CIA-funded operations to instill chaos so the Elite can present their “solutions”. Divide and conquer.
Let’s break down this story using the ancient practice of Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

This alleged mass-execution happened on June 16, as we can se by looking at the date numerology.
6/16 = 6+16 = 22 as in 22 commandos executed, and Afghan is ‘22’ in Septenary.

This happened in Dawlat Abad, which is ‘27’ in both Septenary and Chaldean.
6/16/2021 = 6+16+2+0+2+1 = 27

6/16/2021 = 6+16+20+21 = 63
CIA Operation: 63

6/16/2021 = 6+1+6+20+21 = 54
Shot to Death: 54

6/16/21 = 6+16+21 = 43
Afghan Commandos: 43 (Septenary)
6/16/21 = 6+1+6+21 = 34
Commandos: 34
Surrender: 34 (Chaldean)
Execute: 34, 34 (Septenary)

On June 16, there are 198 days remaining of the year.
CIA Operation: 198
Taliban Fighters Execute: 198

The article reads:
“The bystander then asks: “How are you Pashtun killing Afghans?” The Pashtuns are the main ethnic group in Afghanistan.”
Pashtun killing Afghans: 95, 121
Execute 22 Afghan commandos : 95
Surrender: 121

June 16 was the 167th day of the year. 167 is the 39th Prime Number.
Twenty-Two: 39 (the number of commandos killed)
Arturo Sosa: 39 (the 31st and present Superior General of the Jesuit Order)
Priest: 39 (Arturo Sosa is a Catholic Venezuelan Priest)

Arturo Sosa: 147, 39, 69
Afghan Special Forces: 147
Twenty-Two: 39
Dawlat Abad: 69

Arturo Sosa is the Thirty-First Superior General.
Thirty-First: 71
Afghanistan: 71

Superior General: 87
Afghan Special Forces: 87
CIA-led Operation: 87

All the key elements of the story are neatly coded into the date numerology of June 16. It also seems to be a tribute to Arturo Sosa, the Venezuelan Priest who was installed on October 14, 2016, as the Superior General of the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus) within the Catholic Church in the Vatican.

So, why did CNN wait to July 13 to release this story? It’s almost a month later…

7/13 = 7/1+3 = 74, the GOD-number. That means they will mock you by using its reflection, 47, which also symbolizes the 47 degrees at the top of the Freemasonic compass. And the 90-degree angle at the bottom added to the 47-degree at the top totals 137, the 33rd prime! There are 33 levels to master within the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Their most important number.
So, by publishing this story on a day with 74-numerology, makes ‘47’ very important.

June 16 is ‘47’ in Reverse Full Reduction EP. Very important coding!

Commandos is ‘47’ in all English Reverse ciphers. The Afghans killed were commandos. And…

“22 Afghan Commandos”: 47 (Septenary)
Government: 47 (as this was a CIA-led operation)
Terrorist: 47 (Septenary)

And for 7/13 = 74
Killing: 74
Holy Roman Empire: 74 (CIA is controlled by the Jesuits of the Vatican)
Masonic: 74 (The Freemasons are the lap dogs of the Jesuits)

7/13/21 = 7+13+2+1 = 23 is also a fit with the date and the alleged people involved
June 16: 23 (Septenary)
Taliban: 23
Afghan: 23 (Chaldean)

7/13/2021 = 7+1+3+2+0+2+1 = 16, as in “June 16”.

Remember, Arturo Sosa was installed on October 14, 2016. On July 13, that was 1733 days ago. You got a 33 in there, but more importantly, 1733 is the 270th Prime Number. 270 is “IHS”, the Jesuit Order’s sigil in Reverse Sumerian.
270 can be written as 27 as you remove zeroes in Gematria.

The place of the execution, Dawlat Abad, is a double 27 in both Septenary and Chaldean.

1733 is also the 131 Pythagorean Prime Number. “Ritual Human Sacrifice” is 131.

So, while this CIA-operation was a tribute to their master Arturo Sosa on June 16, repeating the word magic on July 13 is very appropriate.

Now, the question that remains is if this was only a blood sacrifice ritual in honor of their leader or if it is also a hint to what to expect. Will they start up the Terrorist psy-ops again? Remember all the fake terror events in Europe a few years ago? Several in quick succession. Then they magically stopped when other agendas became more important – like preparing this fake pandemic.
Remember, the more fabricated conflicts they orchestrate, the easier it will be to govern the population and to stage new false flags and terrorist attacks. They always keep all their cards in circulation in case some of them fail – just as they started with fake shootings in the US again after Biden stepped into office.

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