September 3, Big Day for a Sun-Worship Ritual and Staged Terrorist Attacks

Tomorrow it will be September 3, or 9/3, as in 93. We know that the sun Is local, but in the Jesuit fake solar system with silly stars and planets, the sun is said to be 93 million miles away, 93 as in September 3.

Sun (S=19, U=21, N=14) = 54
Jesuit Order: 54
Horus: 54 (the Egyptian version of the Sun God)
Complete Chaos: 54
Mark of the Beast: 54 (many recent rituals have been coded with 666)
Saturn Return: 54 (as in the return of Saturn, the Sun God)
Crisis Actors: 54
Terrorism: 54

And speaking of Crisis Actors and Terrorism. September 3 will be the 54 (54 again) year anniversary of Crisis Actor Osama bin Laden’s father’s death in a plane crash.

And speaking of Saturn and Sun-worship, the first Jesuit Pope had a December 17 Saturnalia birthday.
9/3/2021 = 9+3+2+0+2+1 = 17

So, what will happen tomorrow as a tribute and ritual? Sun worship and terrorism all matches up with the numerology of 54.
The U.S. Government and the Jesuit-controlled media is saying that terrorism is coming to Kabul.  Will there be more staged theatrics? Perhaps even some killing as a tribute to Saturn?

Again, September 3, is 93. Afghanistan’s international dialing code is +93.
The WTC bombings that started the “war on terror” was in ’93.

Afghanistan’s government fell in the CIA/Taliban Psy-Op on August 15, the 487th birthday of the Jesuit Order. 487 is the 93rd Prime Number. And, to top that off, August 15 was exactly 9 months and 3 days (93) after the birthday of the Superior General Arturo Sosa of the Jesuit Order.

And September 3, as in 9/3/21 (9+3+21), is also ‘33’.
Al Queda turned 33 years and 3 days old on August 15, the day the Afghanistan government fell.

Again, this happened on August 15. September 3, 9/3/21 = 9+3+2+1 = 15
Perfect date for a tribute of the staged event on August 15.

And most important of all, on September 3 there will be 119 days remaining in the year. 119 as in 11/9 (as we write it in Europe) or as in 9/11.

I decoded all of that in my first post about the “takeover” in Afghanistan. It’s all connected, and that is why I believe something big will happen there tomorrow – and most likely some other event somewhere else, as this is an important date and numerology. Keep your eyes open!

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