AVICII Arena, AVICII and the Epstein connection. AVICII = MCII

Do I have any woke friends who looked into Avicii and his alleged death in 2018? In 2018 I almost died and have been recovering since then, so I did not bother to look into Avicii – I was too out of it at that time.
However, with the name-change of the Globen Arena to Avicii Arena, it just stood out as weird. I’ve heard about the theories around the Epstein connection. But I’ve never given him a second thought until now, and then I saw his logotype without the horizontal line within the A. To me /\VICII spells out as MCII.

And with “MCII” the first you see is MC. M can be flipped to represent “3”, and ‘C’ is the third letter, so it says 33 – as in Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s highest master level. This kind of symbolism with hidden numbers is very common on TV News Bulletins and in logotypes.
More interesting is that MCII is 1102 in Roman numerology. M=1000, C=100, II=2. And we know the Catholic Church with their Jesuit Order loves to reference Babylonian, Egyptian and Roman Sun God worship. The Catholic Church is modelled after the ‘Great Roman Empire’.

And guess what ‘Jeffrey” is in Jewish Gematria? Yes, 1102.
/\VICII -> MCII = 1102
Jeffrey: 1102

What if we add MCII together as characters and their numeric value, as in English Gematria?
MCII = 13+3+9+9=34
What else is 34 in English Gematria? Oh yes, Epstein.
Epstein: 34
Staged: 34 (Everything with Epstein was staged, we’ll get to that)

They seem to be linked to each other.

What about his real name, Tim Bergling?
Tim Bergling: 309 (Jewish)
Epstein: 309 (Jewish)

And Avicii Arena?
Avicii Arena: 79, 57 (Jew Red)
Tim Bergling: 57 (Jew Red)
Jeffrey Epstein: 79 (Jew Red)

Another coincidence?

Tim died on April 20, 2018. That can be written as 2/4 or 24.
AVICII: 24 (Septenary)
Satanism: 24

Or as 42.
Freemason: 42
Zionism: 42
Fabricated: 42 (as in ‘staged’)

Or as 4+20+20+18=62
Tim Bergling: 62
Jesuit Order: 62 (Jew Red)
The Jesuits: 62
Mason: 62
Sacrifice: 62

He died on a Saturday and his next birthday would have been on a Saturday.
Saturday: 109, 53
AVICII: 109, 53
The Roman Catholic Church: 109
Murder by Numbers: 53 (Chaldean)
Sacrifice: 53 (Jew Red)

Obviously, a ritual.

Also… Remember the pedophile producer Weinstein?
Harvey Weinstein: 53, 46
AVICII: 53, 46

We know that Jewish Jeffrey Epstein was a made-up character, an actor, controlled by the Jesuits to play out this Child Trafficking pedophilia thing to give those “semi-woke” sheep something to hang on to through psy-ops fronted by Q-anon and the Jesuit puppet Donald Trump.
Keep in mind that “Jeffrey Edward Epstein” gives ‘322’ in Reverse Ordinal, that is the Order 322, The brotherhood of Death, or ‘Skull and Bones’, within the Freemasons.

So, what about Tim Bergling, aka. Avicii? Did he commit suicide? No. It was a ritual. He is either dead or his character, the role he played as Avicii is dead (and in that case, he is now playing another role somewhere). Some say he was trying to expose this child trafficking thing, but the actor Epstein was only one of the “front men” and the “fall guy” to give the masses something to talk about while operations continued as normal. The luke-warm Q-anon truthers thought they got a big win, but it was all staged, all theatre. You know, how it goes with the silly Q-thing – go back to sleep little sheep and “trust the plan”, lol. It was all a psy-op.

And they would never name a building after someone who tried to stab them in the back. So, my first thought was that Avicii was just another chess piece used by the Elites in this little game. His real name fit the agenda and his artist-name was planned to fit the narrative. His death was just another Jesuit ritual – the price to pay for success and fame. And then they planted the Epstein conspiracy through Q and the Anonymous groups to complete their rituals.

And now they just dig it up again. Maybe they have more planned in this little script? He did die 224 days after his birthday, 224 as in Corona. and Covid-19 Vaccine (which we know is for killing and sterilizing people). And Avicii Arena contain the cipher ‘56’, the key number for Agenda 21 as in 2020 and 2021 (see my post about ‘56’.)
Anyone who have looked into this? If so, what did you find? And only useful comments, please. Trolls and Q-tards will be deleted on sight.
And if you are mentally challenged, as in retarded, please leave a laughing emoticon.

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