Graphene Oxide and Hydroxide Theories/Speculation

I see a video posted yesterday circulating about Graphene Hydroxide, which may be present in some of the vaccines, probably those with a high batch-number ending with 20A and 21A (as for the Moderna).

I theorized a bit about this some months ago, that the graphene hydroxide will act as razor blades once injected, as an explanation for breastfeeding babies of vaccinated mothers dying of blood-clots and for the rising deaths of elite athletes and the number of reported bruises, hemorrhages, blood-clots, heart attacks and myocarditis.
It’s still speculation, but it would sure explain a lot.

One of my quotes:

Graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide are just atoms thick and long, and one of my theories is that once injected they will act as razor blades, cutting your blood vessels, causing blood clots and internal hemorrhage like bruises and eventually an heart attack. That is why we are starting to see a rise in these side-effects and deaths in athletes, who pump around their blood extremely fast. Same in young people who are more active. So, if the mother got an injection with the vaccine containing graphene hydroxide, it will enter the milk and transfer over to the baby.
Graphene can also bond together, creating structures and we know they are used for making nano-sized antennas.

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The video circulating: