Blood Clots; Quick Update

If you haven’t read my story on this, check out the article called, ‘Blood Clots, My Story, and What You Need to Know.’ The article following below is a short follow-up and what happened since and what I’m doing now.

While the pain in my lower leg subsided on Saturday and I was back in the gym doing some light upper-body work that weekend, the pain was noticeable while lying down and getting some pressure on my heel and ankle. To get around this, I had to sleep with my feet outside of the edge of my bed wearing socks to keep warm. Still, my sleep has not been the best. Apart from this, there has been no other pain whatsoever.

So, as planned, as my brother and training partner travelled abroad on business, I began fasting on Tuesday to aid the healing and recovery, and transitioned into a dry fast on Wednesday. I never exercise while fasting, as I want to keep bodily stress at a minimum. I only do my usual dog walks.

As I write this on Thursday morning, I’m about 20 hours into my dry fast and at a total of 40 hours of fasting. The current plan is to fast until Monday, about 6 days in total, of which at least 5 days will be dry fasting.

Normally, while sleeping, my resting heart rate fluctuate between 45 to 50 bpm. When I noticed the blood clot, my resting heart rate went up to about 62 to 65 bpm for a few days, and this weekend it was between 58 and 55 bpm. On Tuesday, when I just started fasting, it was at 54 bpm, and yesterday it was down to 51, and this night after dry fasting, it was 46 bpm. That is quite remarkable, considering that my sleep has been quite uncomfortable and, this night, also interrupted twice.
So, yes, I’ve been a bit tired the last couple of days, but feeling a little better now when dry fasting.

As for my lower leg, the bloating and discoloring is pretty much gone. I can still feel a little tiny knot from the scar tissue where the blood clot happened.
I also received the lab analysis data from the blood tests I did on Friday, where all values were excellent, especially if you know how to interpret them. Luckily my vascular specialist I’ve been consulting agreed, as she is not an indoctrinated sheep. Another testament to being carnivore for 5+ years.

In other words, most likely, this blood clot formed from the ongoing tissue repair and previous small clogging from my critical health-scare in 2017 and early 2018. And due to my congenital sensitivity problem with PAI-1, the residues did not break down properly and got stuck. So, with this in mind, using a blood thinner that inhibit PAI-1 while fasting and focusing on healing might be warranted, so it does not happen again.

It is easy to forget that healing takes time and that it occurs in short separated bursts. Even though I reduced and healed some tumors, healed my failing organs and 38 years of asthma and allergies within a few months in 2018, there are a lot of other accumulated damage you had yet to notice that need to be addressed. If you have been taking damage for 44 years, it’s naïve to think it can all be fixed in a couple of years.

Remember, I was severely sick as a kid and almost died before I even had turned 10. Then I did the low-fat craze in the early 90’s. Then I got into bodybuilding and bumped my bodyweight from 138 lbs. (pre-1995) to 205 lbs. in 2001, always consuming tons of carbohydrates before and after workouts. The only thing that kept me somewhat healthy was that I always used ketogenic diets (high fat, no carbohydrates) to keep my body fat in check, and that I had meat and eggs most days of the week. Unfortunately, as I was always sponsored and worked in the gym- supplement-, medical-, and health industry, I relied a lot on dietary- and sport supplements, which is mostly toxic and very poisonous. Also, I felt into the trap of eating six or even seven times a day for a while (1995 to 2004.) So, while I thought I was doing most things right, and my eating and lifestyle was deemed as a very healthy by current ‘accepted science,’ it was far from so. My body has gone through hell for most of my life. But still, after strategic dry fasting and following our species-appropriate carnivorous diet for 5+ years, all tests I’ve recently done at 49 shows my biological age to be around 30 to 35. However, in early 2018, when I almost died, it was more like 90.

Anyways, enough with the ramblings. I will do another follow-up once I’ve finished my dry fast and are back into my routines again.
Also, thank you for reading and thus supporting my work. And if you’re still not fully carnivore, start the transition today! Your health is the most important asset you have!

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