5G Rollout Near Airports Postponed to “9-11”

The 5G rollout by AT&T and Verizon will start on January 5, the 666th day after the fake pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020. You know they love their 666, the Number of the Beast. However, that is not enough for these satanic bastards, so now they blame “interference” for landing aircrafts and must therefore delay the rollout near airports until January 19.Yes, January 19, a date that can be written as 1/19, …

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Down!

At about 5.45pm (my estimate), Stockholm/CET time Facebook stopped responding and 10 minutes later their website was unreachable.News Sites report that the outage began at exactly 4.44pm… 444… What a coincidence!!! The outage came the morning after “60 Minutes” aired a segment in which Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen claimed the company is aware of how its platforms are used to spread hate, violence and misinformation, and that Facebook has tried to hide that evidence. Facebook …

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