China Does Not Control President Biden and has Nothing to do with Afghanistan

Concerning comments about China on my posts about Afghanistan

NO! China has nothing to do with this. China do not control Biden or anyone (LOL!) That is Trump and Q-tard nonsense for the semi-woke sheep. Stop thinking in line with their narrative – that it’s countries against countries, governments against governments, politician against politicians, people against people. That is the fake reality they portray.
The world is ruled by the 13 ancient Black-Nobility families and their henchmen within the Vatican (The Jesuit Order), the Secret Societies (Freemasons), the War Bankers (Rothschild), and puppets within the mega corporations. They are everywhere. Pretty much every government on Earth is in their total control. All follow the same script, the same agenda. Most of that work was done in the 70’s and 80’s by for example Kissinger and his operatives per instructions received from the Club of Rome, the foreign-policy arm of the Committee of 300.

Keep in mind that they are portraying China as this new superpower controlled by a warmongering emperor and military. This is by design. That is why the fake pandemic and the imaginary virus originated from China. That is why Q-tards believe it’s a bioweapon (common sheep, viruses do not exist, do your research!!) Because China as a villain is simply another card they can play if their depopulation agenda falters – a war with China and their use of bioweapons as in fake mutated viruses – and the show will go on… Same as with Russia, which they will likely use.

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