The Ghislaine Maxwell Staged Distraction Trial

It’s funny. Anyone who is at least a little bit aware of how the world works, knows that almost everything is staged and scripted. They should know that Jeffrey Epstein was invented, an actor used in the silly CIA Q’anon ‘child trafficking’ rituals. But for some reason many believe that this trial is real?

Common, don’t be a gullible sheep. It’s all theatre and distractions. And a way to keep those Q’tards believing in ‘the system.’
“Hurr, durr, tunnels and white hats, they arrested hundreds and saved children, hurr durr.”

It’s all staged! Yes, children are disappearing all over the world, being used as slaves or turned into MK-Ultra actors and replacements for the world stage. But these “arrests” and “trials” are nothing more than ritualistic distractions and they are all extremely coded. Do your really think they would let something interfere with their real operations?

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