Biden’s ‘State of the Union’ Speech – a 102 / 201 Ritual

The Jesuit puppet Joe Biden held his State of the Union speech late yesterday. Conveniently, March 1st was exactly the 102nd day after his birthday on November 20, and his speech was exactly 62 minutes long, or 1h 02min, as in 102.

And the main focus of his address was of course the ongoing 102 / 201 ritual in Ukraine.

Russian Invasion = 102
Russian Jesuits = 102
World War = 102
Art of War = 102

And, of course, we have the October 14, 2016, Simpsons episode where Putin says it doesn’t matter if Trump wins the election with 102% – business is business. And it is, as they are all puppets on the World Stage. Presidents are not elected, they are selected.

And as you know, 102 is the reflection of 201, and mirrored numbers are considered as equal in numerology. And the staged and fake war started on February 24, exactly 20 weeks and 1 day, as in 201, after Vladimir Putin’s birthday on October 7.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Ukrainian Jesuits = 201
Russian Invasion = 201
Donbas Region = 201 (where it started)

And this comes the same day as Zelenskyy addressed the European Union, starting his speech with saying it had been a very tragic morning as Kharkiv’s Freedom Square had been bombed.

“A very tragic morning” = 102
Kharkiv’s freedom square = 102
European Parliament = 102

Zelenskyy Makes Plea to European Parliament – Here is Wisdom

And keep in mind that Biden’s last speech before the stage war was on February 22, the ‘222’-date and that speech started exactly at 2:22PM. February 22 was exactly 102-days after The Jesuit Order’s Superior General Arturo Sosa’s birthday on November 12.

Joe Biden Addressed Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine at 2:22 PM on February 22, 2022

As for the headline message…

We’re going to be OK = 234, 72
President Biden = 144, 72, 234
Jesuit Order = 144, 72

It’s coded with seventy-two…

‘Seventy-two’ = 102

Everything they do is by the numbers.

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