The Swedish Gestapo Media showing its Colors

This is a perfect example of how sick and twisted the Swedish Media is. These people in the mainstream media need to be faced with martial law for crimes of war!

From the communist toilet-paper Aftonbladet:

“The Swedish anti-vaccine movement against corona vaccination is organizing itself on social media.
They trigger each other to tear down posters with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations, share misinformation and urge others not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Aftonbladet, together with Expo, has mapped the movement, which consists of conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists – and healthcare staff.”

Note: Expo is a communist satanic organization that pride themselves on harassing and destroying decent people’s lives with their lies and propaganda.

See how they use ‘degenerative’ terms like ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘right-wing extremists’ (whatever that is?)
They also map and expose the people, lying about them, showing their names, pictures, and addresses – trying to ruin their lives and livelihood. That is how the Swedish Gestapo media operates whenever people get close to the truth and organize themselves against the oppressors.

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