The Train Derailment Season in the Media Continues – Kansas and Ohio

This weekend we had train derailments in Springfield, Ohio, and in Wellington, Kansas. And to top it all off, we also had a gas tanker explode in Maryland.

As I’ve explained in previous articles, these train derailments are nothing new. According to The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS,) there is an average of 1,704 train derailments a year in the United States. That is 4.6 derailments a day on average! That is an insane amount, and the only reason why the media is suddenly covering derailments is because there is now an agenda behind it. Still, those derailments that actually make it to the news are all preplanned and staged by the numbers. They are rituals on the world stage, just as 99% of all shootings and extreme weather conditions. All fabricated, and absolutely nothing natural or organic about them.

So, the sudden exposure in the media is tied to the green climate agenda. But instead of fabricated weather disasters such as flooding, tornadoes, or wild fires, forcing people to move, we now have the potential risk of toxic spills, as in environmental and ecological disasters.

They’ve already set the tone with recreating the train derailment movie White Noise with the staged and fake toxic spill in the exact same location of East Palestine, Ohio. While this hoax is still fresh in the minds of the gullible masses, all they need to do is stage more derailments and simply wave the word “HazMat” from time to time to further the programming — the programming of the possibility of large toxic spills, and thus unconsciously accepting that the government can step in and siege the land for everyone’s “safety,” moving the population into their smart cities.

The derailment in Wellington, Kansas, where 18 cars of grain derailed, happened around 5 p.m. this Saturday, March 4, 2023. That was a day with 50-date numerology, which is also 5 in numerology, like 5 p.m., as you can drop the zeroes.

3/4/2023 = 3 + 4 + 20 + 23 = 50

Wellington = 50
18 Cars = 50
Grain Cars = 50, 50
Jesuits = 50, 50

And 18, as in the 18 cars, is short-hand code for 666, as ‘6+6+6’ equals 18. And looking at the governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, this derailment comes exactly 1 month and 8 days, like 18, after her January 24 birthday.

Masons = 18
IHS = 18 (Iesus Hominum Salvator, the inscription on the Jesuit logo)

And, of course, Wellington, Kansas, is the perfect place for a ‘derailment’ without any ‘hazmat concerns.’

Derailment = 61
Wellington, Kansas = 61
Hazmat Concerns = 61

Remember, programming and conditioning is all about repeating events, words, and phrases, such as “hazmat concerns,” it does not matter if there is a ‘no’ in front of it or not.

For more on the Wellington, Kansas derailment, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video decode below.

And the derailment in Clark County, near Springfield, Ohio, actually happened at the same time, around 5 p.m. on Saturday. What are the odds? And this time, they reminded us of the fake chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, only weeks earlier, as a hazmat team responded, although the operator Norfolk Southern said that there were no toxins onboard.
Again, a perfect spot for a derailment.

Derailment = 61
Springfield = 61
Toxins = 61 (conditioning)
Ohio = 61

They say that it was a 212-car train and that 28 of the cars derailed in this Masonic ritual.

212-Car = 28 (as in 28 cars derailed)
Mason = 28 (the pricks who staged it)

This derailment of a 212-car train in Clark County on March 4 happened 44 weeks before the governor Mike DeWines’s upcoming January 5, 2024, birthday.

212-Car Train = 44
Clark County = 44

And while it was near Springfield, Ohio, which was a perfect 61-match for derailment, Clark County, Ohio is just as perfect of a match with 73…

Clark County, Ohio = 73
Train Derailment = 73

Again, both these derailments, that are part of their current agenda, was staged to fit their numbers and to be part of the rituals. None of these just happened by accident, they were staged.

For more on the Springfield, Clark County derailment, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video decode below.

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