Hazardous Materials

Train Derailment Season Continues Way into Spring

From almost never covering a derailment in the past, the media has now been covering derailments weekly since early 2023. Of course, they have all been staged and while the derailments have occurred, the story behind them and the claims of hazardous materials has been completely fake – all scripted by the numbers. An interesting twist to this agenda is that left-wing and liberal media channels are very low key, while right-wing and conservative […]

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February 16 – Nature Under Attack (25/52)

On February 16 we saw yet another train derailment with one car carrying hazardous material all while the media still was reporting fake news based on an AI-generated article that went viral on environment pollution and animals dying after the “toxic” Ohio (East Palestine) train derailment — which was of course a ruse to further internet censorship, the infodemic, since the derailment was staged. We also had a massive fire erupting at a manufacturer

February 16 – Nature Under Attack (25/52) Read the Full Article »

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