You’re Still Completely Wrong About “Weight Loss”

Sima Sistani, CEO of the Freemasonic and health-damaging company WeightWatchers, has of late become well-practiced at saying the three little words of “We were wrong.” That’s a lot of “W’s,” you know, the letter that when flipped counter-clockwise becomes a ‘3,’ symbolic for Freemasonry. Since early October, Sima Sistani has been on the bandwagon of putting the blame on outside and ‘uncontrollable’ factors, just like what the fraudulent “Health Care” industry and the Medical […]

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You’re Mean and Condescending

Yes, and you’re welcome snowflake!Being in your face when uncovering lies, revealing truths and showing you how the world actually works is simply a writing tactic. It’s one of many styles I use to get the message across. Simply laying out facts and trying to be like a mentor will not grab anyone’s interest unless they are really into the topic. Instead, by invoking some emotions and kicking that ego a little bit, I

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