You’re Mean and Condescending

Yes, and you’re welcome snowflake!
Being in your face when uncovering lies, revealing truths and showing you how the world actually works is simply a writing tactic. It’s one of many styles I use to get the message across. Simply laying out facts and trying to be like a mentor will not grab anyone’s interest unless they are really into the topic.

Instead, by invoking some emotions and kicking that ego a little bit, I will get your attention. And although most people will forget about it as soon as the next distraction come their way, they have been triggered and their subconscious will remember the topic. And the next time someone expose the same lie, their subconscious will recognize the message and it will be more likely that they actually start to ponder the possibilities – that they start to wake up. It’s simple psychology, and anyone who is awake will spot this when they read my texts. It’s only those who actually need to read them that will be triggered and become angry and upset.

Also, I could not care less what anyone who are a sleeping little sheep thinks of me or my writing style. I do however care about them and humanity as a whole. That is why I expose the lies. And hopefully, someday, they will wake up and maybe even come back and start following my work. And then, my mission has been accomplished.

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