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How to Gain Weight (and Stay Healthy)

While gaining too much muscle is unhealthy, as it is a continuous metabolic stress on the body, and more importantly, the training volume and frequency necessary to gain said muscle mass, is extremely unhealthy and will age you quicker while subtracting years of your life expectancy – however, being a skinny fat and/or underweight and fragile pencil neck is not really healthy either. With that said, any kind of excessive training is very unhealthy, …

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Blood Clots; Dry Fasting Update

Around September 5, I noticed a small redness and some minor itchy-like pain in my lower leg, which as you know turned out to be a small blood clot due to my earlier battle with tumors, being diabetic for a few years, and my congenital sensitivity for PAI-1(PAI-1 form blood clots by blocking the enzyme that keep your blood in a fluid-like state.) So, after preparing with increasing my intake of saturated fats, cholesterol, …

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What is Really Most Important for Health?

What is the most common thing among people who are worried about their health and who want to improve it? They focus on the 5% instead of the 95%.What I mean is that they look into and talk about things such as infrared therapy, cold water therapy, saunas, EMF’s, morning lemon water, supplements, meditation and other things that has a miniscule effect, or even an opposite effect, instead of looking at the pillars of …

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Quick 49-Years Update – Training and Life

It’s been 2 weeks since I turned 49-years young, and roughly five years since I escaped the clasps of death and transformed my health (going from being severely ‘sick’ 3 to 4 times a year to not a single day, and curing my life-long asthma and allergies) by adopting our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of the flesh and fats of animals. After my father’s illness, that I wrote about last time, and moving him to …

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Simple ways to make the chest dip awesome

In Sweden, we have a discipline called Athletic Fitness, dating back to 1994. You compete in a physique-round followed by a strength-round and finally an endurance-round. In the strength-round you have to do as many repetitions you can in the pull-up and the dip.In the dip, you need to go deep as a frikkin’ clown, with shoulders way below 90 degrees with your biceps touching you forearms. Idiotic, yes.Now, in training, this is never …

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Don’t waste energy when you “warm-up”

I know that I’ve been beating this old dead horse for more than 10 years now, but since I still see people doing a “warm-up” routine, it obviously needs repeating. When you enter the gym, you want to activate and potentiate your central nervous system (CNS). An effective and activated CNS, simply means better muscle fiber recruitment, better coordination and more gains in both strength and muscle mass. You also want to reserve as …

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