160 Hours Fast and 134 Hours Dry Fasting

I started fasting early afternoon on December 29, and on December 30, I cut out all fluids and entered my dry fast phase where I still had contact with water, but nothing passed my lips. This morning, after my dog walk (3.50 to 4.45 a.m.,) I had some water and electrolytes, and as I write this, within the hour, I’m about to break my fast with some egg yolks mixed in heavy cream and some butter. I will then follow up with a few pieces of fermented beef liver (fermented for about 10 days) and then progress to meat and my regular species specific, species appropriate diet of animal-based foods.

All-in-all I fasted for roughly 160 hours this time around, and 134 hours, or 5.58 days, was a dry fast. And look at me, I’m still alive and feeling better that I have in a long time. Also, my urine output was constant, proving that my body efficiently could produce more than sufficient amounts of metabolic water from breaking down body fat and cell recycling (autophagy.)

For those interested, I will do a quick summary of my experience as I always do, as it might help and/or inspire you to do some fasting on your own. For more information on fasting, how to approach it, and all the benefits, please check my fasting archive here: https://bartoll.se/category/fasting-dry-fasting/

Our species specific diet and fasting was what saved my life back in early 2018. It was also what removed my tumors, healed my failing organs, healed my life-long asthma and allergies, healed a lot of old sport-specific injuries, and much more. Since then, I try to fast every 3 to 4 months or so with at least two longer fasts of 5 to 7 days, and two somewhat shorter of 3 to 5 days every year.

As you might know, after my initial recovery in 2018, when one of the tumors on the brainstem, close to the brain, disappeared, I still continued to suffer from oversensitivity and mental fatigue from the damage done. I have battled with this since then, going from only being able to write and focus for less than 45 minutes twice a week to being able to write and study for 3 to 5 hours a day, seven days a week. During this time, I’ve ‘burnt out’ several times, halting and even reversing the progress somewhat. The biggest hurdles were my mother’s passing in late May of 2020 after fighting stomach cancer for months, and recently, me finding my father on the floor in his apartment after a stroke. Since the latter happened in late September, me and my wonderful younger brother have taken care of all his business and had him moved to a new apartment at a retirement home with 24/7 assistance. During this time, I had to push my limits several days a week, and in November I was already feeling really burnt out as early as 11 a.m. in the forenoon. For the first time since my recovery in 2018, I had to pop some caffeine pills just to be able to focus and function, as I experienced really severe tunnel vision, lagging reflexes, muddled hearing, and it felt like I was moving around sluggishly in quicksand. It’s a terrible feeling and it was almost like how it was 24/7 before my 2018 recovery. And as I had to take caffeine, the buzzing, or ringing, in my ears came back, like mild tinnitus, which is a clear sign of caffeine toxicity. I haven’t experienced that since my extreme work days over ten years ago when I still was oblivious to the bad toxicity effects from caffeine and other stimulants.

In December our father improved, and around Christmas we were finished with cleaning out his old apartment, the garage, and everything else. At that time, I felt about how I did in early 2020. So, let’s just say that this fast was needed.

The first three days were somewhat difficult. The second night I had some kidney and liver pain, making it hard to lie down comfortably, only letting me sleep for three hours, but it passed before noon the next day as the detoxification process finished in that area. The third night my breathing was heavy, but that also passed a few hours after waking up, and since then my breathing has felt even better than before. I did have a little bit of headache the second day when I transitioned into dry fasting, but when I woke up the next morning it was gone. That was most likely from caffeine detoxification, as I also noticed that the ringing in my ears was pretty much gone. And when you dry fast, most symptoms are not even felt, and dry fasting is extremely powerful in curing and fixing any kind of chemical addiction.

On the fourth day I started to feel better and my energy-levels really took off. And on the fifth day, about four days into dry fasting, my mental- energy and clarity was back to about where it was before the incident with my father. Actually, as I write this, I feel as good as I did during the summer. Yesterday, I had energy to write two articles in the morning before going out and doing some errands. I still felt mental fatigue on and off in the afternoon and evenings, but that is what I have been battling with for the last four years. In other words, this fast turned back time as if this autumn and all the stress with my father never happened.

I will probably do another dry fast again within a few months to accelerate healing further. But for now, I need to replenish my nutritional stores and I want to get back to the gym as I have only been able to get about 2 workouts on average a week since October. And during that time between October 1st and December 29th, I might have “lost” a kilogram or two of muscle mass, but that is mostly intracellular water, and I lost zero from this fast – only water weight and body fat. And to be honest, I don’t really care. But I love to lift weights and do physical work; and the gym is my sanctuary, my stress release. So, I’m really longing for hitting the iron again.

And yes, before the fast my body weight was 74 kg (162.8 lbs.,) and after 160 hours of fasting, of which 134 hours was without a drop of water, my body weight was 70.5 kg (155.1 lbs.) So, I only lost 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.) That is a little bit of water weight and mostly from loss of body fat.

That’s about it for this time. I might write a post when I’ve been back at the gym for a week or so. Just to update on energy levels, body weight and strength. Also, the featured image is from December 15, 2022.

If you have questions, need support, or want to learn more about fasting, healing, and nutrition, please join us at our uncensored community Ungovernable.se. That is the only place where I personally answer questions and discuss just about anything.

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