I’m Back on Facebook! For Now…

My 30-day Facebook ban for simply sharing a link to the list of more than 130 health/science institutions in more than 25 countries all over our infinite plane that can not produce one single evidence of the existence of viruses ended today this afternoon. Such a sheepish and evil reason from Fascistbook for a ban too. The science is on our side, the side of intellectuals and free-thinkers. At this stage, if you have looked at the science, you have to be a complete brainwashed moron to still believe in invisible contagious boogeymen. Exposing this pseudo-science, this lie of a contagion, is our only way out of this staged and faked plandemic – and any future evil psychological operations.

As for me returning to Facebook, I will continue to share what I find is relevant and in humanity’s best interest. With that being said, I will not do as many decodings of the fabricated news. If you haven’t figured out that most “news” stories are staged and scripted by now, well, there’s not much more I can do to help you. I will continue to cover some of the bigger rituals in lamestream media, but my focus will shift more to health- and lifestyle articles. Maybe some within the field of nutrition, training and exercise – the stuff I’ve spent more than 25 years working with and teaching. And don’t worry, I will continue to drop truth bombs and educate as best I can.

As always, all my posts and articles are available at my website – and I still add in some of my older stuff in intervals.

And thank you again for all your support. For posting on my time-line and sending me tons of messages (I don’t have the time or energy to answer them all, but I try to read all of them.)

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