Quick Training, Nutrition, and Life Update

Yes, it’s been a while. Last personal blog entry was in May when I started my last dry fasting experiment, which was totally awesome and documented on our uncensored community Ungovernable.se. I did 5 days of dry fasting that time and I’m now planning a 7-day dry fast.
Since then, my body weight has slowly increased back up to where I was before that fast, but hopefully with a little less body fat. My current morning weight is around 78.5 kg to 79 kg (about 173 lbs.) Abs still visible, alas a bit smooth. Still have a lot of veins on my arms and legs though, and muscle striations in my arms and shoulders once I get a pump going at the gym. So, my condition is acceptable for closing in on 49 years of age. I could probably drop 3 to 4 kg of fat and look awesome, but I can’t really be bothered. Don’t really care to be honest. And that will happen anyway when I feel the timing is right for my next dry fast, as dry fasting “burn” 3 to 4 times more fat for energy and metabolic water than regular water fasting does. Going on a 5-day dry fast is like doing almost 20 days of water fasting, or like doing a stupid bodybuilding diet for 6 weeks. Yeah, I’ll choose fasting over “a diet” any day of the week! Energy restriction diets are a f**king waste of time and effort. Learn to water fast then slowly transition into dry fasting, trying 24 hours at first and then expand the window. You’ll be shredded in a few weeks while gaining muscle and improving health markers and repairing your body. Total win!

As for my training, I’m still following a simple push-and-pull split that looks like this:

1. Chest-oriented, a little Shoulders, Biceps
2. Back (pull/width,) Triceps
3. Legs, Abs
4. Shoulder-oriented, a little Chest, Biceps
5. Back (row/thickness,) Triceps
6. Legs, Calves, Abs

Usually we train 2 or 3 days in a row, then rest a day or two, and so on. On average I get about 4 workouts a week and each training session is 35 to 40 minutes. I always alternate between two exercises, so that one muscle group is resting while I train the other and vice versa. So, no rest between sets more than changing the exercise.

Flabby relaxed legs.

So, yeah, I’m slowly improving my physique and getting a little bit stronger on about 2 to 2.5 hours of training a week. And speaking of strength, my legs are finally coming along after all the tumors and crap back in 2017 and 2018. Also, I’ve been doing some more ‘muscle contraction’ bodybuilding-like training for the last couple of weeks, to give my body a break from my favorite 3 to 5 rep heavy training. That simply means that you contract (flex) your muscles as hard as you can against the resistance throughout the whole rep instead of simply lifting as heavy as you can. For chest, for example, I’ve been doing incline bench press in the smith machine at various angles and where you ‘squeeze’ the bar, trying to move your hands inwards, like in a flye movement, while pressing the bar. I can assure you; the muscle contact is insane (it should be really painful) and 100 kg on the bar will feel like 150.
However, yesterday, after four weeks of sissy-training, I did some heavy unilateral chest presses again and my previous best was 135 kg per arm, or 270 kg total, for 5 reps. Yesterday I managed 140 kg per arm, or 280 kg total (616 lbs.) for 3 full reps and an additional almost 2 full reps (close to locking out.) In other words, no loss in strength, almost the opposite.
With that being said, I do not log my workouts. I just go by feel and when fresh I challenge my daily performance level. That’s it. And I simply train at the gym because I love it and I feel good doing it. It’s my outlet and my sanctuary.

As for my nutrition. I’ve been ‘carnivore-ish’ most of the year. I usually eat mostly raw meat, raw organ meats, and eggs — or sometime slightly cooked meat, as in seared for a few seconds (still raw inside.) In other words, what we are meant to eat. Keep in mind that the label ‘carnivore’ means that you have at least 20% of your food raw. If you cook all your meat, you are not a ‘carnivore,’ you are simply ‘animal-based.’

Also, on the days I train at the gym, I have a lot of dairy products to keep my body weight up. I do not have much of an appetite since I eat about two raw livers a month, so I have no deficiencies and thus no hunger or cravings. I’m always satisfied. So, to give me extra energy I do consume a lot of kefirs, yoghurt, and low-pasteurized non-homogenized milk (or raw milk if I can get it) with some extra whey protein powder on my training days. That’s why I wrote “carnivore-ish.” However, without dairy and a whey protein powder, I would drop in body weight as I do not like to force myself to eat.

So, what else is going on? Not that much. My current Facebook ban will be lifted in about 3 days, so I’ll be back there shitposting again until I get another 30-days in jail. I’m still working on my brain-tumor recovery from 2017 and 2018, of which this website is a big part (as I’ve covered before.) So far, I’ve been averaging 1.5 articles a day. This will be the 310th article this year. All of them free. Besides that, Ungovernable.se is the only place on the Internet where I answer questions and participate in discussions. I only answer the shortest and simplest questions on social media, while I spend an hour or several on Ungovernable daily. So, make sure to become a member and hit me up. Pretty much anything is being discussed, and no paid “fact-checkers” will censor the truth.

As for the articles on this website, I will continue to pick topics that are relevant to the times we live in and that I can expand on. I do not only do ‘decodes’ when writing about recent events, I want to explain them and why they do the things they do. I want my posts to be entertaining, interesting and educational – and sometimes even provocative as that is needed for some people to snap out of the mass hypnosis. If you have requests or suggestions, or simply want more input on a subject, please register at Ungovernable and start a topic. I will always answer on that platform and if it’s a subject I can expand on, it might turn into an article or two.

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