New Dry Fasting Experiment and Life Update

This Thursday, after an early push-dominant workout and a post workout meal of raw fermented liver and some beef, I started yet another Dry Fast. The goal this time around is 5 to 6 days of not eating or drinking.
As you might know, I did a 78-hours Dry Fast from April 23 to April 26, and before that I did 3 days with 2 day of dry fasting between April 18 and April 21. The reason I’ve been conditioning my body once again for longer dry fasts is two-folded. For one, it’s about healing, improving health markers and rewinding the aging process, and I’m also doing it for experience, as I just started writing on a new book about dry fasting.

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I used regular fasting combined with dry fasting in 2018 to heal from cancer, unidentified tumors, and organ failure. The switch to our species appropriate diet of purely animal-based foods healed my organs and corrected my blood work in just weeks, while the fasting accelerated that process and shrunk the tumors (and actually eliminated some of them.) As a bonus, I healed my life-long asthma and allergies. And I used to be sick for weeks several times a year with recurring sinusitis and pneumonia, but after my switch to carnivore and doing regular fasts, I have not been ‘sick’ one single day since 2018.

As for fasting, it’s been something I’ve incorporated since 2008. Unfortunately, at that time I was afraid of doing anything longer than 36 hours and I mainly used it as a simple fat-loss tool, as in 24 to 32 hours twice a week. And to be honest, you are not fasting until you reach and go beyond at least 36 hours. Before reaching that threshold, you’re simply abstaining from eating. You do not get any great health benefits until autophagy is fully engaged at close to 48 hours of not eating. And as I recently explained, dry fasting is more than twice as effective, especially concerning autophagy, your body’s own repairing and renewal process. With dry fasting autophagy starts as early as 8 to 16 hours after abstaining from food and liquids.

Before my first fast in April, I was about 78.8 kg. After the second dry fast of 78 hours, I dropped as low as 71.8 kg. Yesterday morning, before starting this dry fast, I was at 77.9 kg. And the photo taken for this post is from that morning, just before hitting the gym. Although I burned several kilograms of fat during these fasts in April, my weight rebounded to as high as 78.6 kg just a few days back. And no, I did not regain several kilograms of body fat in just two weeks. This is the effect of dry fasting and autophagy. A lot of damaged cells get broken down and replaced. Toxins get expelled and hormonal receptors get reset and re-sensitized, and so does your hormonal system – increasing your natural testosterone and growth hormone. In short, you turn back time and get cleaned from the inside out. Everything works better, so your cells store more glycogen and water, and you build muscle mass more easily for a short time during the rebound window after completing a dry fast. Even if you would screw up and lose a pound of muscle mass from fasting, you would re-gain that and more in the days after while re-feeding. And this is the secret for actually weighing almost the same a week later although you just shed 2 or even 3 kg of bodyfat from the fasting. And this is why athletes, and especially bodybuilders, should do dry fasting regularly. Unfortunately, most of them are too brainwashed by pseudo-science to understand and recognize the enormous benefits. Hopefully my upcoming book will change that.

However, in the meantime, I will write short posts about this on my website and I will have open threads about this at our uncensored community at If you want to read more about this or discuss fasting, that is the place to be. The member fee is less than a meal a month while the knowledge inside and the friends you’ll make are invaluable. Join us today!

I’m also available for one-on-one coaching if you have special needs and/or things to heal and are unsure how to go about it. Contact me on Messenger if you need such help.

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